Post Pics of Your Mustang

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  1. Here's mine:

    2010 Mustang GT Premium
    5-Speed Manual, Ford SYNC, 19" Wheels, Shaker500




  2. Some new, and hopefully, better pic's of the Stang.

    The front plate hides my SHR lower grill inserts. :Damnit:



  3. IMG_7095.jpg
    My Beater. Vapor.
    I'm sorry, wrong section. I thought this was for all cars. My bad. Polo=Newb. Delete if need be.
  4. Nice looking steed, Wraith:nice:
    I know what you mean by the plate covering up those fine SHR inserts! When I had mine, I painted them silver to match the rest of my upper and lower grilles, so that made them stand out:D
  5. Thanks KD!!

    They probably would've shown up better if the sun had been lower in the sky.
  6. Nice to see all the 2010s from our members!
  7. i know a good place for your front plate so you dont have to worry about it covering them anymore.


    I hate front plates. i swear when i move i'm going to a state with no front plate, and allow side and windshield tint.
  8. :jaw: do want!
  9. How about an interior shot

  10. here's a couple of our new GT. g/F picked this one out herself! awesome woman!




    First day home

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  12. PICS

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  13. My Stang.

    Love this car!

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  14. GRBRBLStang, outstanding ride!!! Where did you get the BOSS stripe kit? It really makes the Grabber Blue "POP"!!! :D:D:D
  15. KSVENOM2 I had a local graphics guy do it. The incredible thing is he free handed it. I gave him a picture of the 1970 Boss and he put a 2010 twist on it. All for around $350. Thanks for the compliment, it does make that color pop and it turns heads.
  16. Very nice!! Are the stripes silver? When I have buit the car on it doesn't give you the option for silver stripes.
  17. Yep, they are silver. I had wanted red/silver on my 2007, but ended up with white instead. This time around I got exactly what I wanted.:nice: