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  1. This is Betty

    ...the damn thing gone wild. (Bam B'lam)
  2. My W/v Blue Baby

  3. new pics

    Yes, I put a Roush body kit on.
    Here is the new wheels!! :banana:

  4. Richbowser that car is sweet I really like the black on black. Congrats
  5. have a general question what is the difference between the a plan/xplan/dplan...???please help want to know more about this before i go and order my gt..thanks guys
  6. SoCalBill-nice look; where did your rear spoiler come from?
  7. SoCalBill nice i like the white mustang :nice:
    is that a xenon body kit??

    here are a few more pics of my ride, future plans for my ride, ducktail spoiler, window louvers, front lip, and buillt rims




  8. Love the wheels! What size are they and what's your tire setup? Those back ones look WIIIDE. I love it.
  9. love them hoops, rich.
  10. Yup it's the full Xenon kit. :)
  11. Here's ours:

    Cervinis Eleanor kit is ordered and should ship when off backorder in about 4 weeks. Wheels are 18" AFS Mach 1 replicas with black insides and should arrive tomorrow. Tires arrived yesterday, BFG Gforce TA. CAI, XCalibrator 2, 4.10:1's, and shorty antenna ordered yesterday from Will post new pics in about 2 months when the kit is on and painted.
  12. have any of you people noticed that the stripes have shrunk and left a sticky residue?
  13. My first Mustang! I love it!
    These are pictures of the car the day I picked it up.
    Looks like someone took it for a spin before me. :(
  14. SoCalBill, i really like that kit on ur car. At first, i wasnt really a fan of the xenon kit, but it looks great on yours.
  15. Eye Candy

    They are Stern ST-1 Beast 19x9.5 in back & 19x8.5 in front. With BF Goodrich G Force KDW2's 295/35/19 in back & 245/40/19 up front. It's about 11.6" wide in back. :cheers: I didn't go 20's because of the possible ride change. I'm happy with this setup!! :nice:

    :hail2: Alot of SWEET looking rides in here. :hail2:
    Markham51 with the Flamin Torch
    Myxmach1 with the On Fire car
    Chris6868 with the Retro White Shelby
    Kevinrox with the Eleanor
    Drewdawg & Harrier with the Sonic Ponies
    Sacha in the Windy Horse
    Nino with the Yellow Rose of Texas
    Socalbill with that Clean Lines
    :hail2: And all the others that I missed because there is too many to list! :hail2:

  16. Hey RICVA05-Did you lower that car? How much; what springs and how did it affect ride/handling?

    It looks great.
  17. Yes I used Eibach sportline series which lowered the front by 1-3/4" and the back by 2-1/4". They cost around $275 for the spring kit. You also need a custom alignment which cost's about $75 you can't just go to any alignment shop . New adjustable panhard rod $130.Upper panhard rod support $100 .
    The ride is stiffer but the car handles better. You can't go flying over speed bumps though.
  18. here are few...sorry if they're dark. And No, thats not me, but it is my g/f and of course she likes the stang better

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