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    This shot shows how the tires protrude while still being flush. I love it.

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    The front coil spring.

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    The drop in the front. Only 1" but looks lower with the taller tire.

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    The rear wheel at a close up.

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    A complete side shot. The rear still sits high but trust me, when compared to stock it is definitely lower.

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    They are a staggered set. 18x10 in the rear and 18x9 in the front. Tires up front are 255/45/18 and the rear is 275/45/18. The tires are Nitto 555.

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    Ford Racing Springs.

    I have since tuned it from 87 to 93 and installed 4.10 gears and the C&L Racer intake. Wicked now (to me since I know some of you guys are pushing twice my HP haha):

    Also installed Hawk Street Pads Front and Rear. Stocks on a dime now. The combo of tire and drop REALLY changed the handling. Feels like a completely different car.

    The rear still has some room to settle with some more driving. The springs have been on less than 24 hours.
  3. :nice:

    Looks a lot like mine, minus the louvers!

  4. Are you in Texas? Where did you buy yours?
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  6. I am. Bastrop.
  7. it's my friends only pic I have of it

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  8. Man, that doesn't look lower at all, and actually looks higher. Not sure how high it was before, do you have any pictures?
  9. It was definitely higher by about a half inch. It has since gotten a little lower. It is only a 1 inch drop. The updated low pics are a little below the one you quoted.
  10. Hey Tom,

    I sorry for the late reply. As far as fitment goes these wheels fit awesome. These wheels are the only aftermarket wheels I know that are this wide and designed specifically for the S197 Mustangs. It's a tough wheel to beat for the price and quality. Personally I'm not a huge fan of aftermarket knock-offs of existing OEM wheels. I like to see something different. I have no fitment issues other than the fact that the inner wheel lip will touch a bump on the inside fender well when the car is lifted off the ground with a jack or lift. During any driving conditions I've had no issues. Remember, that's an 11" wide wheel out back which is about 3" wider than a factory GT wheel! It would be nice if some tire manufacturers would offer either a 305/35 20 or even a 315/30 20 tire size for out back.
  11. Dude, you put your louvers on wrong, youve got the left on the right side, they are side specific.
  12. You’re exactly right. This problem has been rectified. Thanks!
  13. My 2006 V6 I got a year and a half ago. Put GT wheels & Cooper 245/45s on it in September. Had the rear panel painted black in August.
  14. Check out the pics in the user gallery. GT00001.jpg
  15. My baby only had her 10 weeks and I've added head unit fog light tint and wheels, programmer coming soon and gears if my job posts some overtime

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  17. Firebatbird - Very nice. I really like the side pipes.