Post Pics Of Your Notch!

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  1. Yeah for some reason after always hating the look of a notch im on a kick where i want one bad!! so post up!
  2. [​IMG]if anyone knows whos this one is plz tell them to post all the pics you can of it.....:jaw: ...that thing is killer!
  3. d

    :jaw: wow that thing is sweet
  4. I don't really like the wing on the copper car. :shrug:

    But it is one sweet car.
  5. that copper one shows up a alot across several different boards and no one seems to know whose it is.
  6. That's ok... you can be shot and replaced with a look-alike. :D
  7. Hey thanks man! Comming from you that means a lot


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  8. Here's mine........ If anyone can make it appear in larger form please do

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  9. Eh. 4 lug? What a ****ty looking car. :D
  10. i have a thing for notches as well but for some reason i dont have one....

    and haha

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  11. I actually dont care for that copper car. Theres very few parts of it I particularly like and when it all comes together, I dont really like it.

    The black notch in the last post with Chrome Saleens is a badass looking car!
  12. [​IMG][/IMG]

    and heres mine:


  13. Im torn between a notch or a lx hatch for my next car.
  14. Woohoo! Picture whoring!:nice:


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  15. The copper one was sold a couple years ago on ebay through some dealership, and people here (elsewhere too, probably) grabbed the pics for future use.

    Aside from the color, it's just a Cobra R-wheeled coupe with a Saleen body kit.
  16. :lol: LMFAO
  17. Think it would be hard to find a 90-93 notch 5sp, 5.0, with black interior for 2,500 or less??