Post Pics Of Your Notch!

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  1. Lots of nice Notchbacks! Kudos to all the guys that have done the work themselves on the cars! I keep coming back to this thread just to look. :hail2:
  2. learn how to type also
  3. Thanks for your support. Nothing wrong with my typing, maybe grammer.
  4. That is very nice. But not a real Saleen. But, it is a nicer clone than my original!

  5. Man those wheels are sick. Car looks bad ass!
  6. My 86 5.0 notch. It's an automatic. I've had since 91 I think. It needs some work to be a driver. I haven't driven it much in the past 15 years. It sat for 13 before I got it out two years ago. I cleaned out the gas tank, put a new fuel pump in, new struts and it fired up.

    It's got about 60k on it. It leaks tranny fluid badly from sitting so long. The dog house was replaced about 20 yrs ago and the roof has some bondo in it. Other than that it's all original. It has very little rust and the floors and trunk are like new.

    I can't really decide what to do with it right now. I don't feel like sinking any money in it and don't have a good place to work on it.

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  7. Why not?

    My car (the one withe the black hood). Davids coupe
  8. Anymore shots of it? Would really like to see those wheels on it! Looks sweet man!
  9. This is not mine but I figured it deserved a spot in here. This notch is sick :drool:




  10. Damn

    Thats all i can say is just...Damn
  11. sssiiicckkkkk....
  12. That flat black 4 eyed coupe is literally my dream car. DAMN!!! :drool:
  13. I know. That full Black's all business. The last info I could find it did a 8.72 @ 172mph, hold the f*** on :D
  14. This pic with just the air dam on it looks good. :nice:
  15. Brown86,

    First and foremost, you have a very nice car.

    Any details on her?
  16. Thanks!

    I purchased it 4 years ago from the original 75 year old owner.
    With the exception of tires, mufflers and battery, the car was stock, original, and rust free! It still had the 1986 date coded plug wires, and the original serpentine belt was in a box in the trunk! I have all of the original paperwork, window sticker, warranty card, manuals, demo cassette, etc... Last year I peeked under the rear seat and found a build sheet too!

    Since I've purchased it, I've detailed it, replaced the aftermarket mufflers with a set of OEM mufflers & tailpipes, and swapped the plain mudflaps for a Motorsport set. The original dash pad was not cracked but was discolored from the dash cover that was on since 1986. I replaced it with a NOS one last year. I also found a new set of original 225 60 15 Goodyear Gatorbacks that I use for shows. Plus, I added a driver foot rest.

    According to available statistics, it's one of 24 painted Dark Clove Brown Metallic. It's just about fully loaded with power windows & locks, tilt wheel, cruise control, AC, rear defrost and premium cassette radio. For some reason the original owner ordered it without a console. I'm going to leave it as stock and original as possible. It has 72K miles on it.

    More pics here:
  17. Not mine but I just came across it on CL for sale in philly. If it was mine I wouldnt sell it.


  18. Not good shots but .....

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