Saleen Post Pics Of Your Saleen!!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by yadda_yeff, Jun 10, 2005.

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  2. OK I recently did a photoshoot on my Saleen, here is a link to the slide show:

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  3. looks great George! My engine is comin out this week. did you detail underneath the car? I need some ideas!
  4. To answer your question about the underside. I used a pressure washer and cleaned it but that was all. The engine bay however was completely gutted and painted by me when I had everything out.
  5. I am doing that too. Painting the whole bay then clear coat. I am going to try and find the primer gray that ford used for the underside. I will also try and touch up the axle housing and paint it black.
  6. As low as the car sits and the fact that I drive the car and I installed a rear end girdle, I painted the rear end flat black and didn't worry about making the underside show quality finish as I don't do concourse shows anyway.
  7. Shaker Upgrade


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  8. saleen

    very nice saleen i like the bike too, red with gold i know somebody else with the same color combo
  9. thanks, the saleen is pretty nice does have some flaws but it is a driver not daily but sees rain comin home from shows, i take it to shows around here mainly in state but couple in mich and ind
  10. Lets here more about your car!
    I have 89-304 Red/ Gold also!




  11. umm so far its got i think 60***mi on it i think. Been awhile since i looked at it(sits in dad pole barn 45min away). Pretty much stock other than catback, catted h-pipe, very mild cam and ported honed extruded factory intake(basically similar to cobra intake). Bought it in 03 maybe 04 in canal winchester, ohio. 95 chrome cobra r sitting on bfg gforce kdw tires. Energy susp motor mounts. Believe thats it. Tan interior. Prev owner was a cop that was havin twin and had to get rid of one of the toys. Originating dealer was Boyd County Ford, Ashland, KY. Manufacture date was 12/13/88 and ship date 12/22/88. I think i was told its 1 of 17 in color combo can u comfirm this 304

  12. Nice story and info on your car!
    I can't anserwer on the 1 of 17 question, but from what I have heard from other people is that the majority of the Red and Gold Cars came with the Tan Interior like yours has. Mine per Liz, is the only Red and Gold Hatch with Gray Flofit Interior
    built in 89 with no other options installed by Saleen.
    I do know of another Red and Gold 89 in my area, and it has the Ford Factory Gray leather Interior.
    Your car has the closest bumper number to mine, that's cool :nice:
  13. I cant remember what liz said to me and i lost the sheet i wrote all info on. I think she said if i have mesh wheels and 355 its 1 of 5, 1 of 8 with 355 or mesh cant remember, 1 of 10 or 12 with 355 or mesh wheels. Like i said i cant remember exact #'s. I have a great memory, its just short lol. Oh i believe im the 3 or 4th owner but im 2nd register on saleen file. Seen ur car on car domain a few yrs ago right around when i got mine. ur car got my attention first time i seen it but i like my tan int lol
  14. thanx u got nice one too. congrats on the buy but u shouldve sold ur cobra to me lol. are u a member of r1 forum?
  15. ahaha Thanks. Sorry man, I would have, had I joined the site just a little earlier before it was sold. Do u have a special project planned for a 96-98 Cobra, or are u just going to toy around with one for a while??

    Yea I also joined an R1 site about a year ago when I got my bike. Im a member over at username 04YamahaR1...What about u? Do u know of any other good R-1 Forums??
  16. as of right now i want to do built rotating assembly maybe stroker, heads, cams and eventually hellion or hpp turbo kit. basically just toy around since i decided to cut off the ty, mods wise that is. gotta beat a friend in his 96 on nos lol. my username is saleensonoma at r1forum. not really i like that forum alot so i stick with it
  17. Wowww, thats gonna be one MONSTER of a cobra when your all done with it. Good Luck. Sounds sick. Now I really wish I would have sold you mt Cobra cuz I would have loveddd to see my car RIP after you built it all up lol.

    I agree with you on the R1 forum, gets a lot of traffic. Seems like one of the best out there
  18. Figured it had been a few years since I posted in this thread, so here is one of them: