Saleen Post Pics Of Your Saleen!!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by yadda_yeff, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. 5. Yeah, I'm a "little" obsessed with these cars. I am working on a 6th. :D
  2. Stangfan hell if we could all afford it we would be right there with you. There is never enough and never and end to the madness!
  3. Here's my toy:

    86 #147, unrestored original, 87k miles:



    With a friend's 86 (got pulled over for no front lic. plate! No ticket fortunately!)
  4. Randy.

    Great pics. Where have you been? My favorite is the last one. the patrolman is even smiling. Great!
  5. Here ya go
  6. Haven't had a lot of 'puter time lately, just trying to catch up! We took 3 86's to World Ford Challenge a few weeks back and showed them. It was a blast!! The "pullover" occured near the Colorado/Kansas state line when we were en-route. The cop was laughing his ass of because one of our friends asked if they could take a pic of him giving us a ticket!

    Nice rides everyone!
  7. Foxbodysaleen19, were you at the Gene Evans Ford show, back in April? I'm from Newnan, and I think I saw your car there. VERY good looking ride. See you around.
    I really want a clean Fox body Cobra or Saleen!
  8. Yep that was me :)

  9. Here is a picture of my 2002 Saleen SC-281......I don't have it anymore....Ford bought it back!

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  10. You should give me an e-mail sometime, would enjoy meeting and doing a cruise or show or something sometime.


  11. Give us some details. I think I heard about your car but not sure. It takes an act of congress to get Ford to buy back a car these days.

    How do you like your 05?
  12. Click link below for mine!!!!
  13. mine on the left and my brothers on the right


  14. So where is yours?? I'd like to see another green 2000 Saleen.

  15. Heres a few pics of my 2 Saleens.


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  16. Here is mine 02-261


    Dale in San Antonio

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