Post Pics Of Yourself

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  1. I swear I'm on this forum 24/7 and I only know how a handful of you look like.


    I'm asian, don't make fun of me.
  2. one of me on my grad day with a grad present, and the other from grad with my date

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  3. Me on Holloween

  4. Here's my wife and I...


    And the three of us...

  5. 100_1405.JPG

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  6. Wow, first I've heard of it. Big congrats Paul!!

    You've got a little 'stanger on the way. :nice:
  7. [​IMG]

    At my brother's on the left :nice:

  8. Thanks! I've been keeping it under wraps but I figured now is a good time to let the cat out the bag. She is 4 months now, and so far she's been doing great. We're pretty excited. This is one of the main reasons the car isn't done yet. :D
  9. Thanks fellas for posting up pics.

    Congrats Paul!
  10. Congrats!

    Ha! I thought the car was what was gettin you into mags! Pictures of the young blonde hottie wife with the car more like it!

    Here's me and my GF Lesley at her cousin's wedding, and yes, I did bag a bridesmaid.

  11. This is me on vacation, man I had such a good time, and I got the BEST TAN ever!! Can't beat it:


    and if everyone was curious what I look like when i shave
    this is a picture of me shaven on a side profile:


    This is me again on vacation (for real this time)
    enjoying the beautiful falls for all it's glory... it's MIGHT captivated me.


    and finally, these are my better halves, the gf and the car...
    she's pretending to drive! lol how cute... she thinks she's going somewhere in that thing... :rlaugh:
    but at least she pulled a nice face when i told her to get out of the driver's seat :D

  12. me (left) and my buddy alex in yearbook class bored to hell....crapola
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    we were goin for game faces for the yearbook but i just wasnt havin a good day:nonono:
  13. Got me a new avatar pic.

    I will post a pic when I get home.
  14. I'm an Avatar! I'm a ****ing AVATAR!

    I want a ****ing CT......:D

    I'm an avatar........:rlaugh:
  15. Me with one of my friends' tanning goggles on...kinda scary


    me normally


    me trying to be a sexy beast


    At the car show..


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