Post Pics Of Yourself

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  1. im 18 :D

    not illegal for me :)
  2. She is legal in.:canada:
  3. shes legal for me 17:D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  4. You guys are sick...haha. What in the world is wrong with you Canadians? Must be something in the water...:D

    Actually, anything would be better than her current boyfriend, but thats not my problem.

  5. You should make it your problem if he is an ass and you dont like him you should tell your sister how you feel. you dont want her to end up with some ******* that may not treat her right. your an older brother you gotta look out for the sis.
  6. or you could just send her up to the great white north....:D
  7. :Word:
  8. I look out for her. The kid treats her good, he's just a cocky ass. He buys her everything, and she's the most materialistic person in the world so that's really all that matters to her (which is fine by me).

    Trust me, if the kid treats her bad, I'll beat his ass. He knows that I think he's cocky because I told him. For some reason, after I said my piece to him, he's unusually nice to me. He knows whats coming to him if something bad happens....


  9. :nice: :Word: :nice:
  10. that's right man, you give him a good ol' [​IMG], or even a [​IMG] !!!


  11. Yeah ... I would give hime a "bandwidth exceeded". I hear those hurt really bad.
  12. me

    Well let's see if the drunk pic with the wig on works this time!

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  13. Man, this along with the *** pic right below it... I almost fell out of my chair. Hardest I've ever laughed at something online.
    Here's a pic of me 6 years ago at the ripe old age of 18. That's all I have on the computer right now. Oh, and I no longer have a home made tattoo on my hand.
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  14. nice to see a Texan playing ice hockey!
    Come in Canada we'll make a little skill contest :D
  15. who is canada
  16. :lol:

    we got owned there....
  17. TheDamned = French, so pardon his English

    sacre bleau!