Post Pics Of Yourself

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  1. only pic i got on my computer


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  2. lol to Aaron!

    On another note, am I the only clown that doesn't have pics of myself?
  3. yes!

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  4. Paul you look like a white guy lol

    Aaron like always you crake me up. I have a pic that I'll post that I had taken thinking of you.

    Tom its cause your old:p

    the gf and me
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    Me humping the gf's car
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    Me wearing the retarted goggles that came with my helmet
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    Putting the hose back on the truck so glad it was only one section
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    On the roof. Glad my buddy got a pic of this cause it don't happen often.
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    Me being goofy in a store
  5. hahahaha damn this is old!!!
    I guess I should post up some flaming homo pictures of myself to keep up with some of yall.


  6. haha, yeah. i was called "guero" (someone who's light complected) a lot as a kid... same reason Guero uses that screen name.

    it's funny--today I was at Home Depot buying stuff for my cai and this older man asked me if i knew where something was (in English w/ a heavy accent)--freaked him out cause I responded in Spanish. truth is, Mexican/Mexican-American/Hispanic/etc come in many different colors, my friend :nice:
  7. double post pwns.
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    Tom...why don't you have pictures of yourself....there's gotta be something out there

    are you a midget or something we don't know about?
  9. Ahh, this outta be good haha...

    Heres me, my roommate, my dad, and my bros playing beirut a few weeks back when my roommate came to visit. Turns out my dad is sick at it!

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    Heres me playing with our band at a talent show last year...we played at Trustees Theatre in downtown Savannah...there were over 1000 people there, and it was my first live was scary...

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    And heres 2 of me and the whip...first one at my roommates house, and the 2nd one my cousin took on the drive down from NJ to Georgia...

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  10. haha, that was the point....

    by the way, look at the speedo...great times on the freeway
  11. haha
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    Sorry i was bored and looking for a pic... then i realized i dont have manny but i made this awhile ago
  12. Damn you went to Project Revolution. I'm jealous! That was my move in day, I couldn't go. LP 4 LYFE