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  1. i won tickets... it was decent
  2. I'm very fond of this one :nice:

    I call it ... 3 Generations :D

    The Old Man & His Son & His Son's Son


  3. figured id jump in the mix

    me and the girl

    this is the aftermath of FOUR people taking the SAME picture at the SAME time...
  4. what the heck, I'll jump in

    Our last camping/canoeing trip, I'm the dork standing on the left:

    Asian chicks FTW:

    Half-tanked, wearing a wig:

    Out with some friends... kickin' it, apparently. Whatever, shut up...

    Did I mention I love asian girls?

    The only pic I've got of me and the 'stang, after 2 years of ownership:

    Oh, and uh, can't forget asian chicks...
  5. Aaron yeah I do cause your a trip

    Grady are you the old guy in the hat??? I didn't think you were that old lol

    Adam wow emo freak much haha
  6. :lol: @ Jinx right back atcha rock

    Stephane...I was any you.... like asian chicks?
  7. The girl and I.




  8. Yay for Natty Light!:rlaugh:
  9. Gets the job done. :lol:
  10. How about (35) 30's for 12 people for 5 days at the shore after we graduated...:nice: It did the trick:D


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  11. Holy****! :lol:
  12. whoa nice bump aaron! yeah yeah i know i look younger than i am, but im 22

    me with the 95 about a year ago


    being cheesy/retarded while working on the car. cant remember what i was doing though...



    (btw it's a smith and wesson M&P 9mm)

  13. Hey Mike, happy early B-day man...girlfriend is beautiful....good job!

    who's the girl behind you?
  14. I'm probably going to get in trouble for posting this picture lol

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    C7A2 Assault Rifle. And a beer. Great combination in Afghanistan....

    i can only upload one picture at a time from here....but i'll get more later

    Edit: Before you ask, Yes, Canadians are allowed into civilian clothing on camp here in

    nearly 24 hours later, i've uploaded another one.....

    me entertaining a crowd at a local pub in town....don't ask who the retards beside me are, i don't know, but it looks like a real hoe down!

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  15. Thanks buddy! The girl behind her is my gf's roommate...sometimes I wanna punch her...just saying...