Post Pics Of Yourself

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  1. Well you're approaching her getting mad by putting the one of her on the bed with the back side facing the camera.

    Let's see if Im correct:

    Tell her I said " Maraming salamat po. Mabuhay po kayo!

  2. haha she's totally cool with that, no worries.

    I have no sweet clue what language it is you wrote, but she speeks mandarin (as do I, a little).
  3. Well I only speak english, so all I got to say is "she's one good looking girl" Congrats!
  4. HAHA...Im wrong...That is tagalo (Phillipine).

    In that case, tell here I said (written phentically)

    "knee how".

  5. TTT! I know we've had a couple new guys join recently. POST UP!

    I got married last friday on the 16th...
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  6. One of me already in the mix.:nice:
  7. [​IMG]

    Me at work the other night wearing the boss's sunglasses. Was hoping I would be able to see with them on not sure which was better with or without them
  8. After that first pic I think the wife and kid are a cover up
  9. would be even funnier if it was a scooter...
  10. :rlaugh::lol:
  11. Me working at tinting some tails for my Ranger (they got STOLEN this week btw!)


    working on my Cougar last year some time

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    Me. Sexy at work again, suited up ready to shoot something.

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  12. Me last Halloween. No idea why my tongue was out like a retard