Post pictures of II's with 15" and 16" wheels

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  1. My tires are worn out, and I'm probably going to get some bigger wheels along with the tires. I'm thinking about some 15" Torq Thrust D's and powdercoating the grey spokes black. But I may go with 16" wheels, so I'd like to see some pictures. And does anyone know some other 5 spoke wheels that I could do the black middle, polished lip thing on? And yes, I'm going to convert to 5 lug.
  2. I have chrome 16x8 Cobra's on my 78 Cobra. I'm thinking of going with the 17" chrome bullits on my 02 GT.
  3. What size tires are those? I'm probably going to go 245/45R16's in the back, 225/45R16 in the front if I go the 16" route. 50 series if I go 15".
  4. Lower that car some Jeff :) Needs just a little there :) IMHO of course :)
  5. Currently I have 215/40-16s on the front and 225/40-16s on the back. I'm planning on going to 245/40-16s on the back next summer. And yes I'm planning on lowering it about an inch all around.
  6. i am running 15 x 71/2 in he rear of my king. with 225-55-15. see pic in the members ride thread
  7. 15x7 Centerline Grand Nationals
    225x60 rear & 205x50 front

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    That's the look I want! 16's it is! I think I'm just going to replace the front tires with some Pep Boys for now, trying to pay off a loan. But I'm going to go with some 16" Torq Thrust II's and powdercoat the inside black, and leave the outer lip polished, like the 93 Cobra R's. Maybe for Christmas.
  9. A351MustII...that black coupe really looks sharp. How much is it lowered, and by what means?

    1BadII...I think that a lot of the visual difference between the green hatch and the black coupe must be due to lowering. The wheel and tire package is fairly close between the 2.

    Now I just have to find a way to get the same look as the black coupe on the 15x7 wheels that I just bought! ;)

  10. I am guessing these are all still the 4 - 1/2 setups? I did not see any 5 lug setups there. How difficult is it to find these things in the 4 - 1/2? Curious as i have HUGE amounts of room in the wheel wells now and have been considering a lot of changes.
  11. you mean 4x4¼
  12. The black '78 coupe with 16's is lowered with a set of front and rear springs from Racer Walsh, and 1" lowering blocks in the rear with a '65 Mustang rear-end housing. I believe it ends up lowered about 2". BTW, the wheels on there are 5-lug.

    The black '74 coupe with 15's is lowered about 3" with a different set of Racer Walsh springs that they don't carry anymore. Between the short springs and the 205/50-15 tires I could crush pop cans laying on their side under the crossmember. It cornered great, but you may notice all my current cars aren't lowered as far and run 26" tall tires instead of 22".

    The Green '77 is at stock height and I don't recommend using a 225/55-16...the front's fit a lot better with a 225/50-16 tire, or you can go to 225/45-16 for a stock height of tire.
  13. I dont believe i have ever seen those wheels installed on a II before, they look pretty good. Nice car.
  14. Heheh, yeah, i knew what i meant, just my brain and my typing fingers were not in communication when i wrote that heheh.
  15. Did the wheels just bolt right up? Sorry to bring up an old thread but I am just curious. Especially with the cobra R's. What was done to make them fit? Do they rub?
  16. I have 1.5" spacers, no rubbing.
  17. Skwerels are fun to chase. I can never catch them, though.
  18. Since the thread came back up...

    Attached is a pic of a car that was being auctioned on eBay a week ago (reserve not met at over $6K).

    The wheels look identical to a set of Enkei 15" x 7" that I picked up. They are supposed to be off of a Fox Mustang, so I'll probably have to run 1/2" spacers like with the Fox 10-holes and Turbines.

    Mine are the ones with the dark centers. I'll post pics of mine when they are mounted.


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