post some pics of your car's transformation

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  1. so many cars have been transformed from stock, some pretty extreme. i was just curious to see. post em up! here's mine

    Phase I

    Phase II

    Phase III
  2. Guess its only fair to have the first 2 cars look the same :D




    Current: not too much apperance wise.



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  3. Before






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  4. I never took pics of my car when it was stock so I have nothing to compare it to, it was to fugly from the factory to deserve pics. Im sure you all know what a stock GT looks like anyways.

    Here is a before and ater with the headlights, window tint, and spoiler moved back though!


  5. Here's a transformation video that I just made today actually... click here!!
  6. very cool vid
  7. it's not much but here's pics :D

    Pretty much brand new and bone stock 2 years ago:


    Even my cameras evolved...35mm to digital.

    Workin on gettin rid of the spoiler, changin out the headlights, & suspension.
  8. That was an excellent video! Your car has come a long way. Looks very good man!!
  9. damn fluffyrunnells your car looks killer from that angle!!
  10. :nice: thanks
  11. after i got it did a bassani cat back right away

    then a drop and some rims

    Then got hit by the drag racing bug and havent looked back

    Then wingless
  12. Exterior transformation?

    Day after i got the car. my 2001 Ford Mustang GT 4X4.... bone stock right down to paper filter
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    I had Mach1 Chin spoiler installed at the dealership.
    Then few weeks later grill delete went on...
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    Then week after that, i saw the gasCap on the bullit, and i had to have one..
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    Then I got Magnaflow. and i was really happy for few month. Then i saw local Saleen S281. I had top get S281 wing...
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    that wing was some looong saga. took me almost 1.5 years to get it right. Never ever buy Saleen stuff again:mad:
    Few month after that, i got it lowered....Finally:nonono:
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    Sportline made my car really low. But then stock rim looked like an ass. So more money it went out from my pocket...
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    I was very happy with what i had at that point. I had small things done, like shifter, FR500 steering wheel, clear fog lights, Elglow gauge, Switched from BBK o/r X then to PC, and stereo. Car's exterior, however, pretty much stayed way it is on that pic for almost 1.5 years.
    Then i moved to PA. I had no life(because i didn't know anybody) and all i did was work, and work. I saved few thousand bucks, and i had to spend some money on something. So Roush here i come!
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    and last exterior mod i did was tail light tint
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  13. The day I brought it home, Jan '02:


    Jan '06:


  14. Thanks a lot bro!!! It was my first video I ever made btw :D
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  16. Day I brought her home:nonono:

    New wheels and exhaust


    New wheels

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  17. damn last pic is small