Post the pics.

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  1. Stock looks good!!! :nice:
  2. Never miss an opertunity to pic whore: :D


  3. I can't get my pic to show :shrug:
  4. You have to have your pics hosted somewhere and that's when you can use the Cobra_in_Driveway.jpg ppearance wise.

    Cobra_Low-Front.jpg G]
    I just like this pic so I added it.

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  5. this is my old s-trim, T56 98 hitting some boost around this corner:

  6. 99 cobra

    black on black 99 cobra, 1245 of 4040

    any other newengland owners up in herrrr hahah

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  7. how did you all post your pix so they just appear here without the need to click on anything :shrug:
  8. you guys have some nice lookin cars :nice:
  9. Check out the little "vBCode is on" link at the bottom of this page for instructions.