Post them pics!!!!!!

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  1. Thats a shame to see a car like that. I can't believe it was going to the crusher. I'm really glad you saved it. I look forward to seeing its progress back into shape.
  2. Thanks man! Yeah, I was really excited when the guy said he'd sale it. I've already got most of it stripped. I'm taking it to a real well-known body shop here to get the frame straightened. Its rust free and no reason to buy new ones. I'm also going to replace the front floor panels. I will post pics and keep you guys updated on her. :D
  3. Heres a pic of my 65, it's under a transformation to a 91 EFI with a AOD..

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  4. That is a gorgeous ride man! Kinda wish I'd kept my 66. But two projects is too much for me!
  5. That is nice car and a good looking color. Whats the color called? It doesn't look like a factory color.
  6. Lots of really cool cars in different styles. hrspwr and 66sprint6's cars really stood out for me. Great job guys, very unique looking touches.

    Here's my '66 six. I haven't done anything besides drive it lately.
    Edit: The horse is no longer in the '66s grille because someone stole it.



  7. Thats a shame! it was really unique, a great touch to the car imo
  8. nice project. who's goat?
  9. My 70 coupe

    Here is a pic of 70 coupe after paint.

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  10. The GTO is my lil bro's. He's owned since he was 15. He's now 27 and just now getting the money to start restoring it. That and he got his own house with garage, giving me my space to work on my B2! :D It's an original 1972 400/400TH I can't remember the color but has black interior.
  11. Thats a sweet 70 Coupe! My brother was going to buy a 70 Coupe. We were going to leave to get it and found the GTO. He's always wanted a 72 Goat.

    That sucks someone would steal that off your 66 man!
  12. That 70 looks sweet so far.

    That sucks about the 66 getting is emblem stolen. I don't know why people have to screw with other people's stuff like that.
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  14. We are in need of more pics from you my friend. She looks to be a beauty!
  15. Very nice man! Thanks for posting.
  16. Heres mine. 69 302, TKO600, edelbrock heads and some kind of mild cam.
  17. One more..
  18. Thats is ver nice indeed!
  19. Thats a cool 69!