Post them pics!!!!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the additional pictures. Nice work Gonzo

    69Tool, Those are some nice vintage Stangs!
  2. Here's my 65...........


  3. Thats a fantastic looking fastback! What color is it? I hope you still have the styled steel wheels. I think it looks better with them.
  4. The color is supposed to be twilight turquoise, but the PO painted it and I believe it is off a couple shades after seeing some others at the 45th last year in Birmingham. Yes I still have the styled steel wheels and swap them from time to time.
  5. My car's original color was twilight turquoise. Its now caspian blue.

    This car is twilight turquoise. Your car does look darker, but I really like it.

    1965 Ford Mustang Hardtop - That Mona Lisa Smile - Mustang Monthly
  6. New wheels and tires, along with the AJE front suspension. Love the Billet Specialty wheels.


    VP113 race gas smells soooooo goooooood. :p
  7. This?

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  8. Those new wheels do look great on your car! I like the smell are race gas too. Its too bad regular fuel doesn't smell like that.

  9. just....just....go ahead and make me jealous :p AV-gas smells really good burning too :)
  10. Just gotta ask, what kinda times did she run in the 1/4?
  11. I don't recall exactly what it runs the 1/4 in, but I know its pretty damn fast. Its not mine. It belongs to blown65.

  12. Ran a [email protected] with a slow 1.51 60' the other day. Left at idle footbraking it. Just wanted to see how it went down track with the new suspension.

    T-brake testing this friday night. Should go Low 20's in the 1/4. Maybe a teen. Front springs are not ideal, those should be here in a week or two.
  13. The wife's new ride...


    is an original. She's the second owner.
  14. Blown, whats your combo? I prob know but forget right now. Thanks
  15. 14-1 compression 347 with ported victor jr heads.

    Went [email protected] this last friday. Its got a 10.0x in it at our track if I can get the 60' right.
  16. every single 64.5 to 66 fastback in this thread is to die for. the best looking automobile of all time IMO
  17. Very nice!
  18. Just a picture i shot this winter...


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