Post up pics of two tone custom paint

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  1. Care to post up some pics of two tone custom paint jobs?? Trying to help out a friend who is wanting to two tone his car, he is wanting to do a silver and black scheme. Thanks!
  2. 25th has a great 2 tone scheme, and MACn89 has some good photoshops of the scheme he is going to do on his.

    mine is just a stock style regatta blue over silver. nothing spectacular.
  3. That would not be cool if he does the black and silver thing!!! I've been planning on doing that to my car for like three years now and am finally building the car so I can do it!!! Here is my photoshop of what my car is going to look like minus the dip in the orange.


    Here's a model I did to see it a little better lol. I was real bored in college.

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  5. Can we get some more pics of your car? I've never seen pics of it. This will give a strong idea of what my car is going to look like.
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  7. One of my favorites...

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  8. 25thmustang's car is my fav two tone :nice:
  9. These have been posted a million and 2 times... But it represents different lighting.

  10. Bom Chicka Wah Wah
    Sorry it has that effect on me everytime i see it
  11. Here's Some More



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  12. I will be including the little bit of silver and the separating color along the hatch too. That looks great. Im going to be running the same scheme along the front of the hood too.

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  13. :Word: 25th nailed the two-tone look. That car is so friggin hot.

    I'm liking TwoToneHatch's GT also. Very clean.
  14. Thanks ill and 1990, I agree as well, TwoToneHatch's car just needs the right wheels and it will look perfect.
  15. I'm thinking about either a set of Draglites,Pony R's or those Saleen SC replica's.
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  17. Draglites... NO I ran them once for the track, they ruin the street car two tone look.

    Pony Rs are classy, but with the paint Im unsure if they fit.

    SC Replicas would be the choice for me on those 3, but everyone seems to be running those now (says the guy with bullitts :D).