Post up your burn out pictures

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  1. I was out tonight with a few buddies of mine just messin around and this came post yours up....but also help me out......

    WHY THE HELL did one week ago, and other past burnouts am i a peg legger.....and tonight i pull a beuty off like this? keep in mind i took this picture.....OFF MY CAMERA PHONE :nice: lol...its a motorola razr :flag:
  2. ok mine isn't a classic but in my sig there is my cardomain page and on page 4 there is some burn out pics of my car and my bro in-laws 46 dodge pick up.
  3. Nice car man! ;)
  4. I burned out a clutch once, but forgot to take pictures.....
  5. how do u guys get pics to show up in your post's?
    and thx for the compliment on my car.

  6. There are two ways.

    1. Open an account with a photo hosting service like Photobucket for example. Upload the photo you want to your online album. It will usually resize the photo or you can easily make it smaller in the edit functions.

    When posting on this site and wishing to insert an image:

    -open your photo site in another window
    -right click on the IMG code of the photo you wish to insert and click copy
    -minimize that window
    -go to the stangnet reply box and paste the code in your reply

    If using Photobucket you won't need to use the "insert image" button in the advanced reply section because the code will already have all the appropriate syntax applied.

    2. Upload your image as an attachment.

    -when viewing your post after submitting, click on the thumbnail and your picture will open in another window
    -copy the code out of the address line
    -edit your post and use the "insert image" button and paste the code when prompted to the place in your post you want it to be

    You are limited in the size of your attatchment and may have to resize before uploading.

    You need a certain amount of posts before you can insert images or attatchments, I believe. But I think it was 30 and you already have that many.
  7. scan0022.jpg


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  8. yup those are burn outs.
  9. very old pic...but it should do

    <img src="" alt="Image hosting by Photobucket">

  10. quick question, how do i get pix like that off my phone, i have a few burnout ones, but i dont know how to get them off
  11. why is your head so small? lol....

  12. mine? shoot i dont know, i think its the way the picture was taken, i dont think its small???? thanks alot lol :nonono:
  13. Sorry, since they upgraded the server the method of using you own attachment doesn't seem to work anymore except to post it only as an attatchment. I just tried several times and only end up with a hyperlink to a new window. The first method still works fine.
  14. Old pic, and not my classic but still works...


  15. nice..did you just jump the clutch and then get on the brake quick..note the reason for the car jumping foreward.??
  16. If you can send the pictures to another phone, you should be able to send them to your email as well, send them there and they'll be on your computer.

  17. thank you
  18. were right, here is the pic off of my phone, this is the most recent..sorry for the quality, its off my phone

    <img src="" alt="Image hosting by Photobucket">