Post up your burn out pictures

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  1. back on topic...

    she ain't pretty but she still knows how to work it
    shut it down quick cause i was passing in front of a house. woulda held it all the way up the road if i had let it though :)

    quit bein a sissy and let us have a little fun. i would venture to say that there a very few of us on these boards who get "stupid." a little tire torture is good for the soul :)
  2. I am going to agree with 66 coupe, I have been driving for a long time on track and road, I know several people that just street race and to be totally honest with you I agree that it is dangerous, you can loose control and you can crash, people do all the time I have even seen people loose control doing a burnout. BDT Racing does not promote doing illegal racing on public highways, but we do promote doing racing and burnouts in areas that are absolutely desolate. As you can see in our videos that we do not always abide by the rules of the road, and we have done burnouts in public streets but safety is always our top concern. Driving a car is one of the most dangerous things you can do, especially if you do not have the proper experience be driving a hotter car or truck. Racing only adds to that risk, but I don’t see any reason why we can not go out on a private drive or abandoned road to do a little tire roasting. I mean it is America :flag:
  3. [QUOTE='66 coupe]Just for the sake of playing the Devil's Advocate...what does a street racing accident have to do with burnouts?:shrug:

    I will agree that street racing is stupid, but burnouts? Even in high school I remember going to non-residential country roads in the middle of nowhere and doing some burnouts. I mean it's not like most people do burnouts on major highways. How would their friends get out to take pictures?!!:shrug:[/QUOTE]

    Well said, My guess is that most of us when we are doing burnouts probobly dont reach over 30 mph. Its not like im doing 120 and then lighting them up. Heck i used to do burnouts during school as i left, ha ha never got cought though.

    Heck i didnt build my car to just drive it like i drive my little 96 nissan 4x4. I built it to have fun, and i will be the first to say, i drive it freaking hard. However i always make sure i am the only one in danger. If i kill myself someday, at least I was having fun while i did it.
  4. Bull****!
  5. Aww she looks like she is just reaching her prime.
  6. zm830101, I think you have half my car and I have the other half of your's!
  7. Put these two word together in an activity and you have a serious danger...


    Keep it on private property or closed events and keep the speeds low and I don't see the harm, other than the price of rubber nowadays.
  8. All this talk about doing burnouts is making eager, good thing its thursday because i dont do burnouts on work nights, it makes it hard to concentrate when all you can think about is the wicked burnout you did last night, Its like having sex i will probably stay up all night thinking about it now. Thanks you bunch of nuts.
  9. HistoricMustang....even though i respect where your coming from, and dont get me wrong i DO think street racing is bad...i wont lie in the fact that i DO street race....allmost every saturday night....but its on a local 1 or 2 in the morning, not to mention the oncoming traffic is COMPLETY SEPERATED and on another level...and not even CLOSE to you....we race safe and only 2 people go to the bridge at a time....yes you may crash, or crash into the person next to you but that can happen at the track before bashing me let me know how my version of street racing is so bad.....yes its on a public road....but there are NO intersections what so ever and NO traffic just you and the person NO WAY do i condone it or like to promote it, but im not able to get to the track due to the fact that i work alot and at midnight on saturday nights, theres a nice group of cars every week at the local "race track" for me to get my giggles out

    But PLEASE give me a break and lighten up on burnouts in a parking lot or on a deserted back road.... look at my pic, the first one, it was behind an industrial building at like 2 or 3 in the morining.. I guess around then if im having to look out for peoples kids.......then the parents should be shot in the head......Or even a back parking lot of a huge building for that matter....most of us after seing ANY cars or people around wouldent do the burnout in the first place...

    Again i totaly repect your standpoint and agree....some dumb ass kids racing on a busy street with intersections should be locked up with out a shadow of a doubt in my mind.....
  10. [​IMG]

    Oh by the way guys......My burn out > then all of yours :hail2: :D :D :D
  11. Oh by the way...hey ashford

    I love your aftermath pic, you like doing your burnouts like i do :hail: lol
  12. :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh:
    so that is where the rest of my car went!! if you would kindly return the bumpers i would appreciate it :)
  13. I have a set of burgundy fenders that don't match my white doors or the grey primer with blue showing everywhere its flaked off. Your car is like looking at a negative of mine!

    Here's while the primer was in pretty good shape last winter...


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  14. makes me never ever ever want to live up north again....i am so happy i live in sunny florida where i dont have to scrape ice or snow-blow my driveway...ahhhh the joys of florida :flag:

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  15. You have set the bench mark with the pavement on fire thing, going to have to try that out. The F150 needs a new set of tires so we might as well finish off the ones that we have.
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  17. I bet if we all got a stangnet get a big fenced off parking lot at noon on a sunday......and we got a video of us all burning rubber i bet histroic would roll over and die :lol:

    whats your problem historic? you make an absolute BS post and then respond back with a poster? calling me a loser? I do refer to that as directed to me so at this point i will ask you if you either 12 years old? or just too old to comprehend factual material?....heres what makes me came into the thread knowing the if burnouts in empty parking lots or back deserted roads make your panties bunch up why look at the thread in the first place???

    OH.....My motivational poster > yours

  18. And to further is another horrible incident from doing a burnout in a parking lot

    Crash at Los Angeles clinic injures 13
    Six people in critical condition, fire officials say

    Friday, February 3, 2006; Posted: 4:59 p.m. EST (21:59 GMT)

    LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- A car racing another vehicle through the streets at up to 90 mph veered out of control and crashed through the front doors of a health clinic Friday, injuring 13 people, six of them critically, authorities said.

    Emergency workers rushed to treat the victims in a chaotic scene of gore, screams and shattered glass, with the black Nissan ZX still inside the clinic.

    "You just saw bones and blood all over," said Ana Rodriguez, a medical assistant at a clinic across the street.

    Dr. Amani Eldessouky, who works across the street, said she saw a woman whose legs had been severed, another woman who lost one leg and a man bleeding profusely from the head. "It was a terrible scene. I wanted to start shaking," Eldessouky said.

    Witnesses said the Nissan and a Lincoln Town Car were racing through a South Los Angeles business district when the Lincoln clipped the Nissan, sending it off course, police Lt. Paul Vernon said. The Lincoln drove off.

    The driver of the Nissan, Ijumaa Owens, 33, of Los Angeles, was taken into custody and could face reckless driving charges, or vehicular manslaughter if anyone dies, Vernon said. The occupants of the Lincoln were wanted for hit-and-run, he added.

    A deputy police chief initially said Owens appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, but Vernon later said that did not appear to be the case.

    Ten of the injured, including two children, were taken to five hospitals. Six victims were in critical condition, said Fire Department Assistant Chief Ralph Terrazas. Three others were treated and released.
  19. Other than the cost I am looking forward to worn out tires too.

    I love the semll of burnt rubber in the morning...smells like....VICTORY!
  20. Haha, i love it when you wake up the next morning, and go to do laundry and the clothes still smell like it :drool: