Post up your burn out pictures

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by mustangman70, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. Thats weird, I have never seen that hapen. But it must have been a pretty sight.

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  2. And people wonder why the CFA gets a bad reputation.


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  3. C'mon historic just post up your pics bro

    If you want i can photoshop the little kids and pregnant mothers out of the backround

    lol all joking mean to tell me you have NEVER just wanted to see a still shot of your pride and joy just tearing up some tires?

    Oh and Cobain03...just admit it....its the girlfriends panties :lol:
  4. Dumb question...

    I've never done a it nothing more than holding down the brake and giving it full gas? Do you have to loosen up the rear brakes or anything?

    I'm afraid the transmission will fall out the bottom of the car!:eek:
  5. Well dont you DARE do it in a closed off parking lot.....or a road at 3 in the morning there could be litle kids long as you not in an emementry school hallway.......heres what ya gotta do....if it is an auto......mash the brake (left foot)

    then stab the pedal so they start spinnin.....the RPM's will gradually rise due to the tires spinning your tacxh, and dont let it get above your redline, just let off the gas a little as needed.........once ya got em spinning REAL nice like i did above.....then ya just let go of the brake and just keep the long one to the floor....then let off when you see fit ;)
  6. Got no fog!

    65 with 289 to 349 stroker.

    [email protected]

    I love the smell of smoke in the morning.

    It makes me feel alive!

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  7. Trying to tell someone how to do a burnout is like trying to tell them how to make love, everybody does it different, you just have to follow your instincts, but I will tell you this, don’t laugh too hard while you are doing it, you might find it hard to breath from inhaling the smoke.
  8. hahaha thats awesome! reminds me of my first mustang.
  9. OK I just might give it a try if I can get up my nerve....what are the chances of blowing out my tranny or rear end?
  10. 68kyblr...Stay away from redline and don't dump the clutch and you should be fine.

    Ashford...WTF is that, a Falcon? LOL...I love that pic, is that your kid in the car?

    Cyclops...10.46? wow!
  11. 68kyblr......just what was said.....iDont let it get past redline and you will be fine,,,,,,spinning the tires wont kill the rear....launching on some sticky ass tires will ;)
  12. 2baV8 - Is that picture at idle? Maybe you can do a little tutoring with 68keyblr. :)
    Does PIR have a grudge night? That would be a good place to test it out.

    Ashford- Love that picture, that car rocks..:rlaugh: