Post youe engine bays!

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  1. i might ask for a set of good valve covers for christmas since i have cheap autozone chromies on there now. they are really thin and can hear everything through them. i was thinking about a set of the black with chrome ribs that has 289 powered by ford or similar.

    if you have those or anything like them, post up!

    edit: also, are these covers thicker then the cheapies?
  2. still a work in progress. i just got the engine in and running on friday actually. the chrome valve covers, breather cap, and air filter cover came with the car, just the cheapo dress up kit from ford. the monte carlo bar came with as well.




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  3. Here's a shot of the engine in my '70 fb. I have the Cobra valve covers and I like the looks of them but may change them to blue anodized Morosos.

    Don't mean to sound ignorant, but how do you insert a pic in the body of the text of a reply instead of a thumbnail attachment?
  4. You pictures need to be "held" by a hosting website such as photobucket or imageshack. From here (Stangnet) you call upon your host site with an http address and link it to upload the picture
  5. Thanks Geo, I'm old school in my cars and my tech abilities but I'm tryin':shrug:
  6. Once I save up some more money, I'd like to get either these:

    or these:

  7. Does this count............?


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  8. I've got a set of these. I need to Simple Green them.




    If you were doing your car in green or teal.... They'd look good in a black car too.



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  9. i have the 84/85 style finned units my self, i also have a set of older black ford motorsport covers too.
  10. and now....

    here's the other half of the pic I posted above....:


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  11. i have a brand new pair for sale
  12. I got these last year for Christmas, I like them.

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  13. Here's mine...

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  14. Picture phone quality....
  15. Still a work in progress