Post youe engine bays!

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  1. engine bay minus the air cleaner[​IMG]

  2. I forgot to check back on this thread. Are they the ones with the script & pony? Or just the block letters? My first choice is the ones with the script & pony, but Ford forced Scott Drake to discontinue them 3 years ago. I have one possible lead on acquiring a set, but I haven't heard back from them yet.

  3. Well, since this thread got bumped to the top--check out this engine bay!!! All that shiny polished aluminum, high riser this, cog drive that---who needs it anyway!

    Try and top this one!!! Power by Flintstone rules!!! :rlaugh:

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  4. I have the ones with the block letters, they are new.
  5. If I can't get my hands on the other ones, I'll PM you about those.