Post your 1/4 mile and 1/8 mile E.T.'s and mph with your 99+ 4r70w...

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  1. Just curious...what some of you guys are capable of:)

  2. Please post I can't wait to see these.
    I would like to see how much faster they really are than me.
  3. I don't drag race..
  4. Im sorry, but its really fun.
  5. If you dont drag, then the thread isnt for you.
  6. Sam Man what was your 60'? Is that time w/ K&N, 3.73, and pred tune only?:hail2:
  7. If you can please post full timeslips 60', 330', 1/8... thanks
  8. 60' 2.010 330' 5.700 1000' 11.324
  9. Not bad guys I hope to see maybe 14.5 with the mods i have..
  10. Nice punctual sentence! Next time use the apostrophes.
  11. I dont really drag race but it is cool to see what the car can do..But since this car is my d/d I am not going to take it to the track and beat the crap out of it..But I would really love to make this thing handle more then just go fast down a track..
  12. :rolleyes:

    13.4 @ 104.5 w/ 2.1 60 Ft.

    Every auto guy should consider a stall as their next mod. We're trying to get a group purchase on P.I. stalls together.
  13. [email protected], 1.9 60'

    Yeah, I suck. Another reason why auto tranny & 4.10s are going bye bye.
  14. PM me if you do I may be interested.
  15. My 02 Auto runs 8.20's consistantly NA at 82mph and 12.90's in the 1/4 at weighs 3400 with me in it...only weight mods are x2c motorsports racing seats and ymr rear seat delete kit......I have all the bolt on's full exhaust and 3200 pi I run MT DR's for everyday driving....consistant 1.72-1.76 60ft times on stock suspension! Tuneing is where it is at......dynoed at 264 hp and 304 rwtq....heres my mods

    -afm Power Pipe -2.5 in exhaust -frpp aluminum ds
    -bbk 75mm tb -d-40 flowmaster
    -bbk underdrive pulleys -180 power stat
    -bbk long tubes -transgo shift kit
    -pro-m 80 mm maf -3200 pi converter
    -24lbs injectors -slotted drilled rotors
    -custom sct dyno tune -hawk brake pads
    -meizure electric water pump -steeda catch can
    -plasma booster ignition -bbk timing adjuster
    -accufab plenum -17X9 rims with 245 ft and 275 MT DR's back
    -1/2 in phanolic spacer - 410 gears
  16. i am slow. [email protected]

    3.0 sec 60'.

    28 degree track temp.


    i may do better with a normal track temp. stock truck engine.
  17. Looks to me that the auto are faster than the 5 speeds!
  18. :rolleyes: