Post your 1/4 mile and 1/8 mile E.T.'s and mph with your 99+ 4r70w...

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  1. Wow there is some fast automatic cars here..
  2. My best run consisted of this:

    rt - .734 (on .500 light)
    60 ft - 2.02
    330 ft - 5.69
    1/8th et - 8.72 @ 82.31 mph
    1000ft et - 11.15 @ 93.21 mph

    400ft altitude, 64*F, ~90% humidity, street tires (no burnout)

    OOOHHH WOOOPS.. I was just informed that this was auto only :(.. Sorry about this!
  3. I just emailed a few companies so look for a post in the next few days. Stalls FTW!
  4. Thanks guys, what are you guys pulling stock...?

    Please post exactly what mods you had done...appreciate it:)
  5. Very true. I ran into an Auto 03 GT on drag radials that ran consistent 13.7's. The guy warmed up his DR's lol and we ran. I'm dealing with a crappy clutch (King Cobra is sitting in living room while i save for install money) and edged him out on both runs. I knew my car was capable of 13.6-7 with nothing but new tires but was amazed that an auto ran so fast
  6. Check sig.
  7. 8.641 @ 79.97 in the 1/8th mile.

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  8. 1/8th mile times

    I have an 03 gt with 29000 miles on it. Mods include cai, ported stock plenum, 3.55's, pullys, edge 3400 converter, and diablo predator tuner. On et streets leaving at 1500 my best has been 60' 1.89, 8.81 at 78. I have 4.10's, mac long tubes, and mac prochamber in my closet. I am going to try one at a time and take the car back to the track to see the improvements.
  9. i dont know about that all depends on the driver. At 3450 weight with bfg drag radials drag radials on a 17" rim , prochamber, cat back and 4.10s i went [email protected] with a 1.9 60. Currently with a car is going [email protected] with a 1.65 60' . Thats a [email protected] 1/8 mile, but the tranny had a broken tooth not sure if or how much that hurt the times
  10. Just curious, what do you do to get 298rwhp? every bolt-on? cams? p/p heads?

    A properly driven 5spd will be faster than an 4r70w...
  11. Capri low 13's
    '99 35th Limited, I never ran it, the previous owner says he ran 13.9 with it. It only has a Roush intake and magnaflow exhaust.
  12. I am going to try to hit 13.5 some day with bolt ons and have I have high miles so hope to be one of the first lol..
  13. 12.90 @ 107.70 3850lbs.
  14. I dont know about that, but 2 equally modded cars, 1 being a manual and the other a 4r70w, and the manual driver being will be a close race. I might give the edge to the manual since it doesnt lose as much hspwr through the trans.
  15. Well if the auto has a shift kit, j-mod and other tranny mods, then itll be close but if the auto has a stock tranny with no work done to it, the 5-spd will win

  16. whats up duece... LOL that run was against me.
  17. '01 GT, automatic, mach 460, stock down to the tires.

    60': 2.16
    1/8: 9.221
    mph: 78.498
  18. Time in sig on worn Kuhmos.

    A well set up auto is sick at the track, plain nasty on spray.
  19. vt stage 2 cams, mac long tubes, mac prochamber, bassani cat back, c&l plenum, accufab 75mm t/b, steeda pullies, densecharger air intake, and 4.10(which hurts it a good amount) head porting or bottom end work. Oh and no tune besides a generic predator tune that i changed to get it to semi idle
  20. times

    Is it a 5 speed or auto? My stock auto 03 gt with a k&n went 2.08 60' leaving at 1000 rpm's.