Post your 1/4 mile and 1/8 mile E.T.'s and mph with your 99+ 4r70w...

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  1. I fixed it, but I thought since the title said auto, it was going to be a given.

    Oh yeah, I think I left at 1100-1300 rpm. slight spinning.
  2. '03 auto, only mods at the time were drop-in K&N and welded in MAC Flowpaths.

    60' - 2.1
    1/8 - 9.2 @ 76
    1/4 - 14.33 @ 96.75
  3. Its amazing how much better a 4r70w goes with 4.10s, a shift kit, and a chip. Without that stuff my car had nowhere near the balls it has now. I was grinning from ear to ear after the 4.10 install!

    Never been to the track:(
  4. That was actually with an SCT tuner not the Predator. My 60' on that run was a 2.0.

    I could probably do a lot better with the Predator.

    My 60' on the sprayed run was a 1.96.

    I expect to cut a 1.8 next time out and hopefully run a ~7.8 with my Pred and exhaust mods and proper bottle pressure.
  5. All this talk about auto's. Seriously, two even mustangs, one auto, fully done up nicely, vs a manual. I dont care, I seriously could'nt care less if the auto won, it's still an auto, and with all that work done to make it run that way, exactly how streetable is it? Manual all the way, I like having torque/highrpm when pulling through corners, throttle steer baby, tha throttle blip, and just, being mena with a clutch. If you cant tell I dont like auto's, fast as you can make them, and, no worry I respect the concept of using one, I love manual, for far too many reasons to list.

  6. I have a high stall (3200) and just a trasgo shift kit and tranny cooler....never have to worry about a syncro or forks going bad and is better on the street than stock......with just DR's I run 5 speeds with full welds and them launching close to 6 grand and lay the same 60fts! Everbody has a misconception that an auto can't put the power to the ground! Maybe if it is a stock auto but with a few upgrades they are way more consistant and last longer.......but don't get me wrong.....5 speeds are fun to drive! :)

  7. try bracket racing with a manual. i haven't seen too many manuals win bracket racing.
  8. AGREED! Manuals vs auto's live's on...I'm happy with my car as it sits, but heads, cams, headers are on the way...soon.
  9. i am a very consistant with a 5 speed. Last year bracket racing i went 13.02 13.04 13.03 and a 13.02 again. Same thing happened when i was tring to go 13.99. I went 14.02, 14.01. 14.000. 13.97. I doubt an auto can be that on
  10. [email protected]
    With the mods in my sign except for the Tokicos and LCAs. Going Xcali2 next week and hoping to see some 13.4s.
  11. what? a powerglide bracket car with delay box/timer can hit the dial in consistently. reaction time is the only variable on the winner. sorry dude BS flag.
  12. I disagree as auto's are known to be more dead on! Why wouldn't it be since u dont have to worry about shifting manually, just mash and go or stall it at the same rpm everytime and it will run very consistent.:shrug:
  13. 12.39, 1.8 60 ft, first time out in my car, no stall, chip changes and 3.73 rear, heavy vert. Now I have 40 more rwhp and 4.10 rear and high reving short block- can't wait to go to the track!
  14. bs flag to who me? If so give me some time i gotta find my last year's ffw video
  15. nothing personal. i believe your E.T's, just not the repeatability.
  16. i'll dig up some stuff tomorrow. The other day at the track i went [email protected] backed up by [email protected] I have the timeslip of that right now the rest i gotta dig up the videos and slips if i still have them

    here you go slips and videos of those


    2nd slip the light took a while to start and had to bring the idle back up note the bad r/t. Past 2 brackets i walked out with free run in the 2nd round for best r/t's

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  17. don't be mad. your car is fast as hell. but this post identifies my point. 12.549 and 12.525 is not going to be consistent enough to beat an auto. i'm also not attacking your skill or reaction times.

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  18. not mad. That day actually wasnt on. First time to the track in 11 months with a broken tooth in the tranny. I cant find my ffw video just found the dvd i made. Not sure how to get clips off the dvd. I've had many people tell me how consistant i was. I should have went true street last year would have won the 13 sec class but i didnt know how true street worked. I'm still new to the drag racing game. Only been to the track 7 times.
  19. ive got about 30-35 slips within .02 seconds in my auto. thats consistant.