Post your 2.3's (your rides)

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  1. Hey your buddy was here a while back...I guess he left when he realized the site wasn't even up yet :spot:
  2. More of these Bantha poodoos?
  3. wanna lay money on that?
    a 98 BMW M3 lays down 280 hp stock and only runs mid 14's.... half of the 2.3T's here can prolly do that and if they cant well come on down I got a nice lil camaro here for you to run... its only an 86 3rd gen Fbody Camaro

    But if ya feel confident let me know. I can change that
  4. :confused: your lips are moving but all i can hear is "ban me! ban me!" :nice:

    ka0tyk-- Clean notch...looks by the picture it was well on its way to being a sweet ride! What size wheels do you have on it? how much did you drop it? I love the look. :D
  5. I believe ka0tyk's pic is photochopped...
  6. Check my FourBanger's site for the latest pics....
  7. Sweet doors!

  8. whats photoshopped on it then? it looks to me like a re-size that killed a little bit of sharpness/quality...

    heres mine, formerly owned by board member MSM0075. I LOVE this little car!

  9. The wheels...
  10. my car, its crap off of a phone so bare with me
  11. with black police interceptor rims

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  12. Iam gonna get a pic of the big green blob and the tiny red dent some time today.

    Love all the cars someday Iam gonna fix the giant red dent on my 93 and get my 84 running.
  13. Here is mine before the body work. It's now completely flat black waiting for a black paint job. I need some wheels also.

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  14. Yes get rid of them rims them are the most hidious rims ford ever made.
  15. Here's my SVO w/ SVOBrown leaning in being chatty, Gators car next to mine, then Kiwi's, I think that's mutant's on the end.

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  16. Here's my buddy Todd's 'vo on the track right after his front swaybar endlink broke last weekend.

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  17. Here's mine getting the go from the starting official on the track:

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  18. 140cilx just told me that you posted her here so I had to check it out ;) Gotta keep me posted on the mods my broke ass couldent do!!

    Best of luck.
  19. Nice lookin' car, great picture of a burnout! Put more pics of the paint job up, I'd like to see it. Also more info on your exhaust setup.