Post your Deep Dish Rim Pictures Here!!!

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  1. Hey everybody was looking at these revised deep dish 03-04 cobra rims on and I like the ones with the black lip and machined face but I cant decide whether i like them or not. Does any body have pics of those wheels on there mustang. And pics of any other deep dish rims so I can get an idea of what I might get. DOOOOO ITTTTTTT

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  3. Damn man those are pretty sweet
  4. Thanks. They seem to be a love them or hate them wheel.
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  5. Looks real good !
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  6. nice nice anybody else lets keep this going
  7. Buy me a set of wheels and I will post pictures! :jester:
  8. Roush rim's 18's

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  9. Those are sweet man any body else got some bullits???!!!!
  10. old is much lower now...


    kinda big pics...sorry
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  11. dammn I like those would probably have to get them in black tho for my car , I like those alot tho
  12. if your car is red like in your avatar, black or anthracite would look bad ass :nice:

    my tires were shot in the above pics, which makes it look higher than it was...the rears had chords showing and the fronts were close to bald lol..i need to get pics of the car with the new ride height
  13. Ya man that is my car in avatar lol and i like the machined look finish but i just dont know what they will look like with a black lip and machined face deep dish, and post the pics of the car with it lowerd mine has ebachs on it now and next month or so im get some dvm spindles and they lower the car another 2 inches so its gonna look bad ass might just need some rims to help finish it off
  14. Man, I really want to find a black sn95 with those black chrome cobras. I am in the process of tinting out my lights and I bet a black chrome pony and black chrome wheels may look good.
  15. Yea bet it would look damn good
  16. just found this:
    DOn't like the DD on the cobras though.

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  17. just found some of these and the 05 mustang rims are just crazy lol

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  18. the car had 3 year old eibach sportlines in those pics lol...its just the way the pics look for some reason.. at the time of those pics i could only fit 2 fingers between the tires and fender..

    i now have coilovers and its really low...the battery went dead yesterday but when i get it started ill post a quick pic
  19. what kind of coilovers you have on it? what you do for the rear?