Post your Deep Dish Rim Pictures Here!!!

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  1. its a shame you sold that was gorgeous

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  2. It's real. It's been a little while, but I remember it used to run the show circuit.
  3. that
    that is damn sexy looks like my car but better

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  4. what? when did he sell?
  5. Now that u said something im thinking of the wrong bad
  6. ^^^^:doh:poor notch
  7. that's what I was going to say too...
  8. LOL, yea, I still have it.....:cool:
  9. I was thinking of kb's car......I suck at life :nonono:
  10. well no body answered my question about the black deep dish cobra wheels if its a yes or no!!!! its the silver mustang with the machiend finish wheel and black lip
  11. The old car:


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  12. looks good man neeeds a front mount for looks lol
  13. Have you decided on what rims you are going to buy yet?
  14. no i might just widen the rear rims and stick with it not sure yet
  15. I honestly don't like the 5 spoke cobra/saleen look in DD form...
  16. Widening the rears will cost as much as new rims...just get new ones...any legit shop is gonna charge you $250 a wheel....not worth it
  17. ya either or i love my cobra rims so i will just keep looking and maybe figure out something later rims is a big decision lol
  18. I think you car looks great with the rims you have on it right now imo. I want to get my DD Bullitts but its going to have to wait due to some bills that I need to get squared away.