Post your exhaust sound clips and list the combo

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  1. Since everybody is always ASKING, "What setup should I get" since are cars are still fairly new to the mod world. POST SOUD CLIPS of your setups / combos.
    I.E. Midpipe and muffler and headers if you have them !!! And mayby we can get this to be a sticky to prevent the same question week after week (and yes I was guilty of that once !)

  2. I have the same thing LOVE IT, im getting a prochamber CANT WAIT !
  3. All exhaust mods are listed in my signature along with a video/sound clip.

  4. Since people change their signatures from time to time (and this thread will be around for quite some time), Stang_It's setup is:

    FRPP Shorty Headers, UPR Off Road X Pipe with welded in Magnaflow high flow cats and FRPP Borla/Stingers

    Exhaust clip:
  5. this is true. please list the mods in the reply.
  6. View attachment 334838

    Stock manifold, eBay O/R x-pipe, Roush (Magnaflows)

    No longer on the car, back to stock mid-pipe and now sporting one chamber flows, but no vid yet of them.
  7. This is borrowed from Mustang Forums, but I believe it's a fantastic collection of exhaust clips. The credit goes to AmericanMuscle4.6GT over there for putting these together.


    For those who would like a toned down, not so loud inside the cabin sound, the stock mufflers work quite well. However, they are very sensitive to offroad x pipes, meaning they will make rattling noises very easily and I would only suggest h pipes/prochambers for this setup.

    Stock mufflers with gutted cats (basically an offroad h pipe, for purposes of sound):

    Offroad Prochamber with stock mufflers:

    BBK Longtube Headers, BBK offroad x pipe, stock mufflers (THANKS White07!!)

    Longtube headers, offroad h pipe, stock mufflers (second set of clips in video)

    Longtube headers, offroad x pipe, stock mufflers:

    Stock Headers, offroad x pipe, stock mufflers:

    First, let’s go through the different brands/types of mufflers and how they sound.
    An axle back system will offer little to no performance advantage, and the motivation for going aftermarket is usually purely based in aesthetics. Dyno numbers might show 2-3 additional HP but a loss of torque of about the same. It is not considered a performance modification to replace the axle back system.


    Basically tubes with fiberglass in them. Act as resonators, produce a deep but powerful sound.


    Always a good choice, Bassani’s axle back mufflers will give the car a deeper and louder sound, while keeping the volume under control.

    Here are Bassani’s “Race Axle Backs”

    Kooks Longtube Headers, Kooks offroad x pipe, Saleen Supercharger (THANKS SEVENLEAF!!)

    With a catted x pipe:

    With a catted x pipe and long tube headers:

    I recommend that this exhaust be combined with either a catted x pipe, or a catted h pipe or offroad h pipe. The drone is there, but is minimal and bearable.


    Also sold under the FRPP and Steeda exhaust guises, and I believe Roush, there are 3 types of Borla exhaust: The less aggressive chambered version, which is standard fare on the Shelby GT, (referred to as the FRPP GTA’s) the more aggressive “S” type, and the catback, which is the S type (bullet muffler) along with replacement over-axle pipes up to the midpipe. This catback system offers pretty much no performance/sound advantage.
    The GTA’s are a subtle increase in volume over stock, as well as being deeper. They can be paired with a catted x pipe, or a catted or offroad h pipe. An offroad x pipe is not recommended, as these are a chambered style muffler and could get crackly. Drone is minimal. The aggressive style (also referred to as the Borla “stinger,” although not the official designation) are a substantial increase in volume over stock, and the sound is very low and very deep. They tend to dampen the tone a bit; they are not as throaty, and the sound is well under control. The best way to describe it is that the sound is toned down, not as aggressive, but very very deep. Drone is moderate, but is load-dependent and bearable. Not an exhaust for those who can’t stand drone. These mufflers are complimented excellently by a catted or offroad x pipe. An offroad h pipe will work well, however there are some “trumpeting” issues. In addition, it will not scream on the higher RPM’s like an x pipe will. However, an offroad h pipe is still a very viable option to consider.
    Borla aggressive types are always a good choice; you really can’t go wrong with this muffler.

    GTA’s on otherwise stock car:

    Stock exhaust vs. catted x and GTA’s:

    Borla Stinger Axleback:

    Borla Stinger Axleback:

    Borla Stinger Catback outside car:

    Borla Stinger Catback flyby:

    Borla stinger catback inside car:

    Borla Stingers and Borla stingers with offroad h pipe comparison: (THANKS TACOBILL!)

    Borla Stingers and offroad H pipe in car (with 4.10 gears, THANKS TACOBILL!)

    Borla Stingers, Offroad Prochamber (THANKS PIGGYSMALLZ!!)

    Borla Stingers, SLP catted x pipe, SLP long tube headers:

    Borla Stingers, offroad h pipe, Long tube headers:

    Borla Stingers, Mac Prochamber, Long tube headers:

    Borla Stingers, offroad X pipe, long tube headers:

    Borla Stingers, Catted X:


    Corsa, while being a more expensive option, are a surefire way to make your stang sound fantastic while completely avoiding drone. Corsa’s are a flow-through or bullet muffler, shaped like a cannister, and very similar to the Borla’s in that sense.
    They sound somewhat aggressive, while being under control at idle and part-throttle. This muffler can be combined with virtually and midpipe and still sound fantastic, although it will be quite loud without cats.

    Corsa axle back:

    Corsa axle back, catted x pipe, shorty headers:

    Corsa Axleback, offroad h pipe:

    Corsa Axleback, offroad h pipe, long tube headers


    I don’t know much about Dynomax mufflers. Here is the only sound clip I found.


    Flowmasters seem to be an interesting subject on the S197, as the elusive sound created by Flowmasters on previous generation mustangs is largely absent on the S197. This is due to muffler location as well as head port design; it just won’t sound the same. Flowmaster makes an axle back kit for the s197 that makes use of their “American Thunder” series muffler, incorporated into an axle back kit. It sounds very very decent with just the axle back system, slightly louder than stock, but when you get on it, sound aggressive. Mild drone between 1800-2400 RPM and again higher in the rev range. They are acceptable with an o/r h pipe, sound somewhat decent with a catted x pipe, but putting an offroad x pipe with this system is a big no-no. It sounds rattly, tin-canny, just nasty. A prochamber would probably work well, but I have yet to see/hear this combo.

    Flowmaster American Thunder Axleback

    Offroad X pipe and flowmaster single chamber axleback:

    Flowmaster American Thunder Axleback with offroad h pipe

    Flowmaster American Thunder Axleback with catted x pipe:

    Flowmaster American Thunder Axleback with offroad x pipe:

    Offroad x pipe, long tube headers, and axle back:

    40 series weld-in Flowmasters with offroad x pipe:

    Longtube headers, Flowmaster 40 series weld ins, offroad h pipe:

    Flowmaster 40 series weld ins, offroad h pipe:

    40 series weld-ins, otherwise stock:

    Super 44 axle backs (super 40’s in a 4 inch case), shorty headers, catted x pipe:


    This is a chambered muffler similar to flow masters. They increase the volume slightly, and are deeper than stock. The sound is very natural for the 3v engine; it sounds genuine. I would recommend these with an offroad prochamber, or offroad h pipe. A catted x might work, but an offroad x will sound raspy and nasty.

    Flowtech Terminator Axleback:


    For a long time, Gibson made truck exhausts for diesels and such. Now, they’ve made a system (axle back) for the s197 mustang.

    As this is a chambered style muffler, I’d say anything but an offroad x pipe will work well.

    IMCO is a company that has been around for a while. they make a chambered axleback that is very deep, but has some packing material and therefore is very under control and the sound is very "smooth."

    IMCO Extreme Cherry Bomb Axleback:

    JBA is one of the higher quality brands for s197 exhaust parts. They make 2 types of shorty headers, and longtube headers, as well as catted and offroad h pipes and axle backs. The axle backs are what we’re looking at right now. They increase the sound a fair amount, while giving the car an aggressive tone. They sound fantastic in my opinion. They are not obnoxiously loud, but are a considerable increase in volume when the go-pedal is applied liberally, and sound mean and rumbly at idle. Drone is mild, and controllable. An offroad h pipe or a prochamber would complement this axle back well, or a catted x pipe. Again, since this is a chambered muffler, an offroad x pipe is not recommended.

    JBA axle backs:

    JBA axle backs and offroad h pipe:

    JBA axle backs, offroad H pipe, and JBA long tube headers:

    JBA axle backs, catted x pipe:

    Mac is one of the more popular brand choices for the s197 mustang. Their company makes 2 variations of axle backs: the most popular, and their “boom tubes.” The regular axle backs are a chambered type, and make the car significantly louder; as well as being deep. The sound is unique; it maintains all the definition of the engine sound while adding a genuine deepness that you can feel. They sound flat out mean. With an offroad h pipe, the sound level increases, and they become very loud. They are very rumbly and muscle car-like, however, they will not scream at higher RPM’s like an x or prochamber will. With a catted x pipe, the sound is acceptable, louder, but very aggressive. With an offroad x pipe, the sound becomes very aggressive, and absolutely fantastic at wide open throttle. However, with this combination, there is some crackling and tin-canny sound at certain rpm’s. If you can deal with that, this combination is worth it. I recommend an offroad prochamber, as a nice compromise between the two. Drone is moderate to excessive with this muffler; but a pair of resonators installed before the axle will help this. However, with resonators, as always, the sound is toned down, not as aggressive.
    The Mac’s Boom tubes are an axle back system that is much like the SLP loudmouths (muffler delete), but with some packing material inside to lessen the raspy sound. They sound excellent with almost any midpipe. Drone is minimal, but the exhaust is somewhat loud and filters into the cabin.

    Mac Axle back:

    Mac axle back with offroad H pipe:

    Mac Axleback with catted x pipe:

    Mac Axleback with Longtube headers and catted x pipe:

    Mac Axleback with catted x pipe and shorties:

    Mac Axleback with offroad x pipe:

    Mac’s Boom Tube axle back

    Mac’s Boom Tube Axle back:

    BBK Long Tube Headers, BBK offroad x pipe, Mac’s Boom Tubes (THANKS ONEDERFUL100!)

    Magnaflow is a system that’s been around for a long time. They have 2 basic systems for the s197: their regular magnaflow system, and the “magnapacks” which are cannister shaped and slightly more aggressive. The regular axle backs are very quiet, and slightly deeper than stock. The magna packs are slightly more aggressive. They are a bullet style muffler. The sound is not too aggressive, very under control, but deep. I would not recommend an H pipe with this setup. An offroad x pipe or a catted x pipe would work best.

    Magnaflow axle backs:

    Kooks longtubes, offroad x pipe, magna packs

    Catted x to magna packs:

    New Magnaflow 3 inch system:

    MBRP exhaust:
    MBRP produces 2 axle back systems for the s197 Mustang GT: One is similar to borla in almost every way, the other is a muffler delete that basically replaces the mufflers with a section of straight piping. It is loud, it will be a little raspy, but it will be very deep. Very similar to the SLP Loudmouths. Works better with a catted x pipe, can also be paired with an offroad h pipe but will be obnoxiously loud.

    The Mufflered version tones the car down much more with a Borla. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SLEEPER EXHAUST, HERE IT IS. even with an offroad x pipe, it is still very quiet compared to most setups, and will flow extremely well.

    MBRP mufflered axleback with offroad x pipe:

    SLP makes 2 variations of the axle back muffler. The first is the SLP power flow, which is a bullet style muffler, aggressive, loud and very deep. Similar to most other bullet style mufflers. Can be paired with any midpipe. Drone is moderate.
    And of course, the wildly popular SLP Loudmouths. Merely a simple muffler delete, these axle backs consist of just piping, with the appropriate hangars, and nice tips. Very aggressive, obviously loud. Can be paired with an offroad h pipe or x pipe to be ridiculously loud, but recommended is a catted x pipe. Drone is minimal, almost non-existant.

    SLP Loudmouth Axleback: (THANKS ARWING!)

    SLP Loudmouths, offroad X pipe:

    Long Tube headers, catted H pipe, SLP Loudmouths:

    SLP Loudmouths, offroad H pipe:

    SLP Loudmouths, catted x pipe:

    Long tube headers, catted x, SLP loudmouths:

    Offroad Prochamber, SLP loudmouths:


    Steeda has one axle back system, produced by Borla, however not the same as any of the models sold under the Borla or FRPP guises. This one is more similar to the Stinger, but has less packing material for a more Metallic sound. Goes EXTREMELY well with an offroad H pipe, works decently with an offroad x pipe, and would probably work well with a prochamber as well. I have heard this combination (with the offroad h pipe) personally many times, and I think it is easily one of the best sounding exhausts out there, bar none. GURU RECCOMENDED. There is some drone with just the axle backs, but it is VERY mild and VERY tolerable. With the offroad h pipe, the drone disappears for the most part, but the car becomes very loud, especially upon startup.

    Steeda Axlebacks with stock midpipe:
    Steeda Axlebacks with offroad h pipe:


    Pypes is another brand that has been around for a long time. Up until recently, they made only 2 variations: a pro street axle back, and a violator axle back. The pro street is a subtle improvement over stock, while the violators are much more aggressive, loud, and very deep. They are comparable to Mac’s, and the same rules apply regarding midpipes: anything but an offroad x. personally, I recommend an offroad prochamber. Drone is mild to moderate.
    However, Pypes has broken the mold and introduced the first “mid-muffler” system for the s197 mustang. It includes their M-80 Bullet race mufflers mounted before the axle. The reason this works is because the M80 mufflers are very narrow and long, and are probably only a half-inch in diameter wider than the pipes themselves. Judging from the sound clips, id say they did very well. This catback (yes, a true catback) can be paired with any midpipe. For this, I actually recommend an offroad x pipe. That will give you the closest to that 2v/4v new edge sound that is so hotly pursued. An offroad h will work well, and a prochamber is a nice compromise as always.

    Pypes pro street:

    Pypes Pro street with offroad x pipe:

    Pypes Violator axle back: (THANKS DARKFIREGT!!) (THANKS DARKFIREGT!!)

    Pypes offroad H pipe and Violator axle back: (THANKS DARKFIREGT!!) (THANKS DARKFIREGT!!) (THANKS DARKFIREGT!!) (THANKS DARKFIREGT!!)

    Pypes Mid Muffler system: (offroad x) (offroad x) (catted x) (THANKS AIRCARE84!!)
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  8. Dear GOD MAN, i think that about sums it up for everyone ! THANK YOU FOR POSTING THAT !!
  9. Going through those clips is a good way to waste an afternoon :nice:
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  11. Sounds awesome man:nice: Does it sound annoyingly loud inside the cab on highway?