Post your exhaust sound clips and list the combo

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  1. Sorry about my post there. I just thought it would be easier to click on my exhaust link which lists the exhaust mods. Just got lazy.
  2. Thanks, My wife can tolerate it, so it cant be that bad.:)
  3. Well if your wife can tolerate it then it's perfectly fine:D
  4. I thought this was stickied???????

    What happended?

    D'oh....just saw the post on it.
  5. :)
  6. Sounded good at idle, but too much tire/roller noise to get the true WOT sound:(
  7. ok basically i already miss my 04 i can't find anything for exhuast that i actually like. I am seriously thinking prochamber with Flow 40's is anyone running this setup ? with or without longtubes?

    How do Long tube effect the sound on these s197's ?

    This is a clip of my 04
    only video i have of my old one :(

    View attachment 328564

    Mac prochamber + mac Flow paths
    ( it was time for new tires so i got to have some fun with the old ones before i took them off)
  8. can you make a thread like this for us GT500 guys??
  9. Sure. I'll put it in the S197 sticky, too. Just PM me the clips and we'll get that going.
  10. excellent thread. This needs to be 'stickied'.
    I now have an axle back picked out for my GT I bought this week
  11. its sticked ...check out the tech thread !
  12. this thread is linked in the "ultimate sticky"