Post your Exhaust Videos!

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  1. Got aftermarket pipes? Let us hear them! It'll be cool to have all the best Ford music in one thread. If you know of any nice-sounding cars that you don't own, feel free to post those too.

    *I figured there would already be a thread for this, but I didn't have any luck with the search feature. If you know of an existing thread like this, let me know and I'll ask a mod to get rid of this one.

    Here's my car.
    (I recommend headphones or a sound system with a sub-woofer. ;))
  2. OLD setup:​
    MAC O/R H​
    MAC Flowpaths​

  3. bbk lt's w/ bbk catted x-pipe and magnapacks

  4. Gimme a day or two and I'll have a decent one up.
  5. the cams sound great man!