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Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Mrk94GT, Jun 29, 2003.

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  1. :lol: :rlaugh: :lol:
    (yes I'm a sadistic SOB)
  2. my bone stock gt beat a gsx tonight in a great race. i feel good since i just got my car and haven't driven a manual for more than a month. it was a friend's gsx, so it was a true race. lined up, flagged, etc. fun stuff
    oh i beat a SHO tonight too. big woop :spot:
  3. Last time i was at the track their was a brand spanking new mitsubishi evo, temp tags and all. I was pretty psyched to see what one could do and my first run turned out to be against it. I smoked him at the line the first time we raced but the 2nd time that night was much closer. My reaction time was again much better, but he still almost caught me, i ended up winning by 0.07 seconds.It was damn scary looking at my side view mirror and see how fast he was catching me once the turbo really kicked in! I'm very proud to say that i raced the evo twice and won both times, even though that car with a better driver is only slightly slower than a '03 cobra.Anything can happen on the street? In my limited experience it seems like anything can happen at the track!
  4. Those cars are a hell of a lot slower than an o3 cobra no flame intended.

    But they take off good but they lack a little bick of mid rpm grunt

  5. EVO's are mid to low 14 sec cars. A 03 Cobra is way faster.
  6. Huh? :confused: I thought they were mid 13 second cars? Either way, yeah an 03 Cobra with a good driver is much faster than an EVO. So if you beat an EVO, don't kid yourself and think you could run with an 03 Snake because the driver would have to really suck for you not to need binoculars to see his tail lights...
  7. I have saw them run at the track and pull 14.5-14.7, but could have been the drivers.

  8. :lol: I met one of those! I killed that 03 Cobra... it made me happy and sad at the same time. :nonono: A car wasted in the wrong hands. Who knows... maybe he'll get the hang of all that new found power. I hope so!
  9. One night my friend and I were coming back from a meet it was about 2 in the morning. I got off the highway and i see an LS1 camaro which caught my eye right away. I had just got my spray put in a few weeks earlier and was itching to see what i could do against an LS1. So i drove over the grass median and got back on the highway. Followed him down a few more exits where we both got off. Pull up along side him and we both hit it going about 45-50 mph. We were even all the way thru 3rd and even 4th but we had to slow down because there was a light and some turns infront of us. So i keep behind him knowing that the road is going to open up again. So we go down a ways and the road opens up he says he wants to go from a stop so i agree. We stop 3-2-1 we both get out good, hardly spinning we are even in 1st , i hit 2nd and break loose a little so i gain traction again at this point hes about 1 car lenth infront of me. So i floor it in 2nd and the nitrous hits. Im instantly door to door with him again i hang thru 3rd and 4th we got a bit over 100 and we let off. Pll up next to him again he asks "all motor?" of course i said yes he said damn thats quick and we went our seperate ways.
    He also said the car was "lightly modded". Which it definately was modded. Overall i was supprised how well i did.
  10. The Mustang in my sig on a 175 shot has eaten:
    Pullied 03 Cobra
    99 R/T 10 Viper
    90 IROC with an AFR headed 406
    92 RS with a pretty wicked 383
    94 Vette squirting a125 dry shot
    99 Vette stock
    96 Civic hatch with B16 and T3/T4 Hybrid boosting 28 psi
    The LS1 in my sig

    My LS1 has beaten:
    The same Honda with only 11 psi
    Same 383 Camaro
    93 LX hatch with an Edelbrock/TF 306, stock AOD
    97 Cobra with full exhaust and 4.10s
    My old 95 GT with an AFR/Edelbrock stock shortblock (tuning issues)
    many others I cant remember.
  11. My car is 0-4 and its getting old quick. Its just an 2.3 non turbo but still the cars Im racing are grandmas junk and nerd cars. HELP IM TIRED OF GETTING KILLED
  12. So last summer I was at Epping, NH on a wednesday night. Track conditions were below poor. All the newbies+ricers were tracking water on to the staging lanes. I was lined up next to a Yellow Dodge Neon SRT-4 with a full Stage II setup, some other mods and some very sticky front track shoes. I felt that I could walk this girl (yeah i said girl) but it wasnt to be. We matched up 2 times that night before I opened my mouth after losing twice. She was running constant 13.5's and had yet to tell me about her mods. We grudge matched once again and I got beat. My street tires were my biggest problem-not enough traction.

    I left the track with a red face and shriveled ego. On my hr and half ride home 2 M3's cought my eyes as they flew by. I needed revenge. I raced them both to about 130, then one let off. I couldn't lose again. So this purple M3 and I race until about 160 (my speedo was pegged) and as he pulled 5th, I was still charging in 4th (3:08 gears) and finished the night with a win as i pulled a car length past him before shutting down.

    Before anyone gets any ideas, I was young and stupid when I did this. I have matured much since then and going 100mph past the speed limit can end your life all too quickly.
    Take this to heart fellas, stupid speed kills.
    Street racing requires that you pick your spots before hand and even then you are not safe.

    Take care and use your heads, dont end up on that guys list of dead people.

    13.5 103.6
    Black 1995 Gts w/5-Speed
    Soo Many Bolt-Ons-Soo Little Cash
    Plus I Roll Wingless
  13. One day in the summer last year, me and my dad were coming home from a trip to indy. We just make it into tennessee when an old monte carlo is seen coming up beside us, we are in the old 95' gt with 2.73 gears so high speed is what this car is about, so he slows beside us and dad downshifts to third and we floor it and he floors it and all the sudden we SMOKE HIM! I looked back and saw him yelling and screaming, looking at the steering wheel. So we go for about another 50 miles on down the road we see this red altima, his wife was asleep, so we started messing with him and gettin up to about a hundred and backing off, we did this a couple of times. Then the altima gets over in the third lane and up comes the monte again, he is pissed that he lost. So we had a three way race down the interstate. Heres the funny part we punch it as with eveybody else and low and behold, as I was looking out the side mirror and out the back or the car, the altima is killing the monte and we are killing the altima. It was the funniest thing I think I have ever seen.

  14. No kill stories on the boards please. This one was dead years ago.
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