Post Your Newest Stang Pic, 94-95 Cars Only.

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  1. Nice twist on the wheel stripe Suspect! Any more pics showing it more clearly?
  2. what the french toast is that jinx??? did you get another one?
  3. It's sad we are so slow in this section now days that I had to tell you to look
  4. bump

    post up moar.
  5. okay fine....

    Here are some from a while ago.



    and a more recent one.. with the cobra stuff... I'll try to get an updated pic this weekend.

  6. More recent ones...


  7. nice stang
  8. Nice Hollywood

    Reminds me of Rich's car
  9. I think he has way more $$ into his car then mine, lol
  10. looks awesome nice work
  11. 1993 cobra #1741




  12. Wow she's shiny
  13. Thanks Rich :)

    Saw your car in the Mag like a month ago, Congrats!!! It was long over due. When you get a chance post some of that pictures of famous engine bay of your.
  14. That orange goes very well with the body, looks good! :nice: