Post Your Newest Stang Pic, 94-95 Cars Only.

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  1. Super clean Rich! OMG~ lol, I love those gucci hose clamps too!

    I thought about going to that extreme with wire hiding and hole filling stuff but i think i will wait until i overhaul my engine one day. You know what?! NVM i am never gonna do, I just can't, lol

    Hey one question, Where can i find a fuel rails like yours? I been trying to find the fuel rails with front flared out like yours. Please PM me if you can get me the source, i would like to get a pair :)

    Thanks man,

    Dam your car is clean...haha
  2. Hey Clark

    Those are Steeda ultralite II's, 18x9.5 all around
  3. Thought so. Guess I've never seen them chrome before ( or so polished).
  4. [​IMG]

    There's a stang under there
  5. I dont see no dam stang Jinx...:shrug: you sure its there lols
  6. Yup the 96 is under there and the 3rd hump back is the 66. I need a damn garage
  7. More updated pix of teh 'Red Head Mistress' Finally got rid of the nosebleed stance and painted the front bumper a matte black. Thought about doing the whole care but winter took over before I had a chance.

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  8. here are a couple of pics of my 94 gt

    fixed car pic.jpg

    fixed car pic 2.jpg
  9. Have to remove that winter rust once it gets warmer :(
  10. new member!


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  11. hot
  12. I would love to tell you, But what is STB? ...
  13. It's a disease you get when you screw around
  14. strut tower brace
  15. It's from ford motorsports, It was originally black but i got it chrome plated. :)