Post Your Newest Stang Pic, 94-95 Cars Only.

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  2. I had to pull it out of the garage for a few minutes today, so I took these


  3. Check

    Check your pm's... got a bunch of questions for you lol
  4. Nothin too special, just had a little body work done and didn't have any pics of it on here yet. Still gotta put the other wheels on and need to lower it bad!
    Cobra 2.jpg
    Cobra 4.jpg Cobra 5.jpg
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  5. Just did a VERY quick wash and thought I would post some pics since I have yet to do so on here. Its in need of new rims and lowering springs BAD!





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  6. It's ok to drool, I don't mind :)
  7. Favorite SN of all time. I never get tired of looking at it, and the bad ass interior is hardly ever shown.
  8. 461005_3950832938325_1213410245_o.jpg

    Crappy low tech camera pic. But recent
  9. Talk about sleeper (minus to monster tach)!
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  11. Here is a couple pics of my 95 triple black vert 86k so far it has 2.5 off road H pipe flowmaster 40s and flowmaster 2.5 tail pipes, msd cap, Ford racing wires, and a bbk 70mm tb. I've put on a mach 1 chin spoiler and Bullitts. I also have a cervinis tonneau that I have to get painted. My wife also got me a set of smoked cobra style headlights, corners, and fogs for our anniversary and I got her a set of 5.0
    embossed floor mats

  12. lol.. Thanks... Is this better????

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  13. Yeah man, I love it.