Post Your Newest Stang Pic, 94-95 Cars Only.

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  1. Looks stock to me
  2. OCC_College-1.jpg
    Always wanted a Mustang GT and this is my first one. A 1994 Mustang GT with 18" Saleen Replica wheels, lower with Saleen spring, 5 Speed.
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  3. that is very clean. don't see too many stock black cars that nice.
  4. My DD 95 GT Steeda sport springs, MM 4 bolt CCs, Eibach Shocks. 260k and ticking

  5. Some pictures at the last car show I went to. It won best 94-98 Mustang.


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  6. Best one I have at the moment, but its gonna get all cleaned up this weekend, and I will take some better shots! Taken with an Iphone, its oversaturated as hell, but you get the idea.


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  8. can't match to all these beautiful stangs but here are my 2
    first is my 94 gt vert that is a dealer faux cobra 5-speed, has stock headers,bbk x pipe with out cats, side pipes and dynaflow mufflers, loud as heck and can't wait to put in a new cam.
    here is a link to the sound from the new howards cam, bbk cold air ind, bbk equal length tuned headders, stack racing throttle body, and bbk under drive pullies.
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    second is my 92 lx vert pony limited automatic tranny, bbk equal length chrome heafers, ford e303 cam through jones exhaust stainledd mufflers, pretty quiet but sounds good, this is the wifes ride.
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    love my stangs
  9. Whats with this one, new project??? T-56 and possibly a hair drier requiring a new exhaust set up?

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  10. lol.. No, just a new clutch.. Actually, the clutch was great.. It was the TOB that nuked itself.. Because of my exhaust setup, dropping the Tranny is a nightmare.. Had to pull the longtubes, sideskirts, side exhaust, blower, and throttlebody just to get the tranny out..

    Got that all put together but I think my blower is in need of a rebuild. The car has been parked in storage for about 8 months now :(
  11. Holy crap, thats a lot of work to replace a throw out bearing. Get the vortech rebuilt, and lets hear that puppy roar (err, bark loudly?) again!
  12. Been looking for a T trim :)
  13. 563426_452152674838877_216329484_n.jpg 526449_452152071505604_16944119_n.jpg

    Here's the 'nearly' current state of the 94 I gave to my son...
    We just put the 315s on the back this past weekend.
    Before these, he had the same size all the way around.
    They fit incredibly well for how large they are. I didn't even have to flip the quads! :)
  14. Haven't been on the site in awhile and definitely haven't posted any pictures. The outside is still stock except for the R wheels it's been wearing almost 10yrs and the paint is starting to show it's age but I plan to take care of that later this year.

    IMG_3957-Edit by R.Carter Photography, on Flickr

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  15. my 94

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  16. just added a few additions listed below to the 94gt and a link to the sound with the new cam.

  17. It is still stuck in the garage for a few more weeks. Garage.jpg

  18. What base is that at ? It looks totally familiar...............

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  19. Here's mine! photo-93 (2).jpg photo-97 (2).jpg
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