Post Your Newest Stang Pic, 94-95 Cars Only.

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  1. not a base just a spot in pensacola fl
  2. That's why it's so familiar ! I grew up in Pensacola, FL ! Small world huh?
  3. Took it out after a tuneup and replacement of some vital parts for a smog check. Dyno'd at the same 303/336 it did in 2008 after the HCI swap. Passed smog with flying colors and ready for the warm weather.. Engine/undercarriage steam cleaned, interior/exterior detailed...103k miles and running perfectly.

    57977_4571158395369_1153035290_n.jpg 293108_4337041942604_719141942_n.jpg 420806_4571157155338_373015435_n.jpg 524508_4337042702623_333259181_n.jpg 527228_4337043262637_941909821_n.jpg 546547_4337043662647_1755125813_n.jpg 558528_4337043022631_1270381339_n.jpg 562921_4337042182610_740410471_n.jpg 576334_4571155635300_1528173277_n.jpg
  4. Here is my 94 Cobra. Not very stock haha

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  5. just picked her up 95GT
  6. Classic example of a clean black stang rolling on sone Saleen wheels!
  7. New to the board! This is my stang

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  8. my 95 gt
    stang.jpg stang.jpg stang1.jpg
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  9. My 94 Laser Red Vert 5.0. I love this car more than my wife.
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  10. i told my girl she better not be jealous of my car emmy, a women cant come between a man and his car lol
  11. [​IMG] 1003179_683364771677906_1182674025_n.jpg
    95 5.0 ;)..shes my first mustang and she hauls!! dont worry shes so dirty in these pics it was when I first got her..shes nice and clean now ;)
  12. Thanks man. She's the girl next door, pretty and slow.
  13. Love seeing more and more convertables in here!!! Looking awesome!!!! Keep'em coming!!!!!!
  14. More gauges than you can shake a stick at !
  15. Teal turd legacy

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  16. Meet A'Teala (the run)...named based on the Teal color and Attila the Hun. '95 Vortec supercharged GT aTEALa_avatar.jpg