Post Your Newest Stang Pic, 94-95 Cars Only.

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  1. Here is my last pics


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  2. yep... almost exactly like that.

  3. Yep, but still, it's all gonna come off soon enough, when I start to mess around a little more with the car
  4. Ernan, do they allow you to race without a hood? I have heard of some tracks allowing that, but I've never seen it.
  5. newwheels1.jpg

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  6. Damn Mike, now you are moving onto the interior!?!? looks good BTW, are you going to do anything else with the center?

    Did you run your car at the strip? There was a post in the talk section with a pic of your car and a guy described as your "buddy" said it ran 10's at some ungodly MPH... is there any truth to this? I think it was a topic on "post pics of your convertibles." I've been meaning to ask you.
  7. Yes Paul, law in Ohio say you can drive without hood on street so on track they don't care eather
    It was hot day so I pulled passenger headlight but it didn't work,than I pull that black hood and than I got a lot fresh air
    BTW now I have stock springs on back and fox 4 banger on front
  8. Oink i love you car :nice:
  9. you need to change your avatar now.
  10. pre-tint pics.



  11. xx95gtmanxx, do you have a GTS or did you just take the wing off of your car? Looks nice :nice: but whats going on with your pass side headlight?

  12. No GTS just a gt. I actually had a Steeda wing on it for a while and I took it off to buff the trunk lid and left it off.

    ANd the head light is the result of tring one of those "make your head light look new again" kits I tried when I had a little wreck, and I was tring to make it look like the new ones on the driverside. So it didn't work as you can tell, and I just have never gotten around to get a new one. :shrug:
  13. no, i havent really ran the car yet ( that can count)

    with the power its making now, probably at 500 or more, and the torque, i bet it would run an easy 11 on the slicks, even with the stock convertor. MPH probably in the 128-130 range or so.

    interior is still mostly stock, havent messed with that yet, although i did make that delete panel a while back for my gauges. Im planning on putting the radio head unit back in, just havent got around to it yet.. That and when i get a WBo2, il stick the display in there also.
  14. Here go mine....

  15. man I love your car

  16. If that was directed towards me THANKS! :D
  17. sure was, fella! Never seen an SN-95 look so sinister...good job!