Post Your Newest Stang Pic, 94-95 Cars Only.

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  1. Everytime I see your car with the black mach1 wheels I have to look closer to see if they are photoshopped or not. I dunno, just me but they look good.

  2. Lol :rlaugh: thats a first but i see what you are saying. Thanks for the compliment!
  3. Those are black chrome right?
  4. Here's my pig :cheers:



  5. xx95gtmanxx UPR products have nice headlights and side markers, I got mine from them
  6. Thats what I talkin about 94twinscrew , BTW is that 1500 standard kit ???

    How about you rest guys have under the hood, show and go or just show ,or go like me :D
  7. man that black car with the mach 1 wheels just looks mean and slick!
    with those smoked headlights.
    If it were mine, i wouldnt change a thing, except maybe a cobra front bumper.

    one of my favorites!

  8. I keep eyeing the cobra headlights and sidemarkers with the black housings, but I just can't bring myself to pay over 200 for that yet. I still have alot of go-fast goodies to do.
  9. Thanks man, i appreciate it coming from someone with a FLAWLESS stang. I am planning a new bumper for this winter.....saleen, maybe the cobra, stalker, i gotta talk to my body shop guy about a couple things to see what we can do. I will also be picking up the boss spoiler from, not the HUGE one, the short one like the s281 but it doens't curve up. Also some saleen tail light covers to give the rear a lil bit of a sharper look.

    After that im done. Mean while i am planning my h/c/i so im being very careful with my money i make while in college. Next spring should be a great spring! :banana:

    The cars are looking great guys! :nice:
  10. :hail2: Your stang looks awesome. Teal rocks. :hail2: :nice:
  11. ProKiller, what type of exhaust do you have on your car, I'm about to change my 2.5" flowmasters, yours would look nice on my car.
  12. Thanks man,that's why I sold my 88lx,...I really wanted a sn in that color. :p
    Its goin in for fresh paint and a Cervinis Stalker kit this winter,along with new 18" Saleens.

    Yeah,its the 1500 kit,but the compressor was beefed up a bit, it has the 2200 rotors :D It runs way cooler with them,and its good for 18-20psi, far,I've only been brave enough to push 15#s out of it with Turbo-blue,and leave it at 11psi for daily driving.The car goes like a raped Ape at 15#s,and 3rd gear is a tad scary if you're not carefull......esp when its gettin a squirt :D :nice:
  13. 94twinscrew....Send me that MSD dizzt cover and I'll turn off that O.D. and do up that center hole...

    Did mine up as I didn't have the MSD wires to fit those holes...

    Heres a fairly new one...Like this shot...
  14. That looks pretty slick,what do you want for it?Where did you get that wing,is it the Boss one?I haven't picked out a wing yet for my kit,and I really like the way it looks on your car :nice:
  15. Just send me the cover and I'll do it up....dont need any money...

    Its an S281..
  16. What side emblems are those?
  17. Hey guys, where is the best place to get a s281 spoiler? I know some guys complained about quality, are those the fake ones or the real saleen ones?

  18. 95 Cobra White Cobra R's 17 x 9 on front 17 x 10.5 1/8th mile 8.7 at 81 mph

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  19. Here's the latest pictures. The guy is going to paint it again, at his own cost, because he's a perfectionist and is not happy with it. The car was red, now it's painted with Corvette Z06 LeManns Blue.



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