35th Anniv post your pics 99 GT " LIMITED EDITION"

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by jcint, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. NICE! even for a red car...lol I prefer BLACK!!! :nice:
  2. Pictures with my other mustang!

  3. White

    My "little girl"
    <img src="" width="470" height="314">
    <img src="" width="448" height="323">
  4. Nice stangs people! :flag:
  5. Thanks to all who posted pics,very nice indeed!
  6. well since no one has posted any pics lately and i'm bored here are some updated pics of my baby!!!
  7. My Ragtop


    On the showroom floor.


    In my driveway.
  8. Looks better in the driveway, stands out more. NICE:nice:
  9. Your car came from the showroom with that little side door stripe thing? Very weird.....
  10. hmmm yeah a bump guard? Never seen one on the 35th aniv.
  11. My inlaws are in Toronto and we visit them frequently, I have even done Mustang shows in the area when we drive up.

    Those side moldings on the doors are very prevalent on the Canadian Mustangs.
    I have seen many of them when we travel that way.
  12. I get more comments about the protective molding from Mustang people than I do about the car itself. Mostly from U.S. folks about how awful it is. Until I started posting pics I didn't know it was a unique thing. I kinda like it. LoL :shrug:
  13. Yeah sorry im not really a big fan of those things, they don't look very attractive. Looks like something that belongs on a V6 stang or rice.

  14. Hey recognize this place?
    I did a car show there last time I was in Canada with the stang. Look at the Jersey plates on my and my buddies' stangs.

  15. This is not my best day here..............................................................................................
  16. pics of my baby!

    here's mine....I never noticed before you all pointed it out, mine has those moldings too...:shrug: I kinda just thought they were on all of them.
    she's still my baby thou!! :nice:


  17. That thing looks really clean, how many miles are on it?
  18. Thanks just turned over 50.....like all of you on here we take alot of pride in our cars.....after our youngest left for college last year we decided we didnt have any other reasons not to get our mustang that we had been wanting :lol: