35th Anniv post your pics 99 GT " LIMITED EDITION"

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by jcint, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. pm sent ;)
  2. R2.jpg



    Turned 32K on Sunday!
  3. WOW!! Gorgeous
  4. I just got done putting some mach 1 stuff on.




  5. help

    can i buy quarter window scoops for my 99? mustang
  6. Red9935thGT...Your car looks great! I've been thinking about doing the shaker set up on mine too.
  7. Thanks, it definately looks better than the non-functional stuff. I can't believe ford put hood scoops on most of the GTs without making them functional.
  8. Here she is right before I bought her last fall. 10,000 out the door for a Convertible with 60,000 miles. I think I got a good deal. :)

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  9. O.K., here's a link to mine, I hope.
  10. Procharger is in!

    Getting my 10# Procharger installed today. Can't wait to let it rip!
  11. Nice weather has arrived in Michigan. The car is finally home. Bought it last October and stored it.

    Thanks to Voorhees I found out it’s 3351 of 4628. I also know there were only 1,299 Black LE’s made. My question is does anyone know of the 1,299 how many were convertibles with 5 speeds?
  12. Wow, BLK99LE. That is one sweet looking ride :)
  13. That thing is CLEAAAAN, how many miles are on it?
  14. Thanks for the positive comments. Bought is last October with a 109,000. It was a girl’s daily driver, and needed some TLC. Last week it finally came home from storage. Driven a little and started to clean it up. Put on about 50 miles so far. Totally stock and still sounds strong. I have a few more things to do, and I should be set for a great summer. I don’t think the smile on my 14 year old son’s face will every come off. :D
  15. Sweet black 35th!!
  16. is it me or..

    why is the horse in the wrong direction??

  17. Mine's pointed foward...Someone must have replaced it with a driver's side emblem.
  18. Thanks’ for pointing that out. I missed that. Shows no signs it was hit, must have been stolen. :(
  19. Nice ride. You should sell it quick!

    Your Grundy ins. quote blew me away. The quote on mine as a modified 35th with $15000 coverage was only $243/year.

    Is this ligit?? Is there a catch? annual membership dues, etc.