35th Anniv post your pics 99 GT " LIMITED EDITION"

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  1. Nice!!!

    This Illinois weather is getting old!!

    Should be breaking mine out of storage soon! Hope it starts!
  2. I don't have any recent pics as I still have things to do, but here's a recent dyno run. Some info...a few morons on this wonderful web of ours didn't believe the numbers I was putting down...hence the wording and such.

    YouTube - My friend Tommy's Stang 594 to the wheels

    Hopefully the next pics will show the painted interior pieces, painted calipers and new 13" rear rotors and a few other new things...
  3. Too funny video Tommy! Nice numbers. I bet its a beast.
  4. Tommy, this marks year 6ish of my jealous of your car. Awesome ride man.

    My car is sitting in a garage for the next two years until I'm finally done with school; loathe the north east.
  5. Alittle hard to tell it is still a 35th.


    Had some TTll big and skinnies made to fit. Were only on for this pic, lol.



    Monday I'm replacing my PMP t-45 with a PA 4r70w. Interior wise, I have a Pioneer AVIC Z1 navi, dvd, ect. For speakers I replaced the stocker with JBL and added a JL Audio 10" sub. Next up I'll be getting some racing seats for the front. Mine don't look so good anymore.
  6. What hood is that??
  7. HO Fibertrends 4" cowl.
  8. It's been a few years since I've been on stangnet, however here is my 35th le can't really tell anymore except by the seats and bezel.


  9. ah contrare!! To a 35th owner, there are lots of distinguishing features....those racy rockers are a dead giveaway.

  10. Hey cap42, what lowering/suspension kit are you using? That looks awesome!
  11. MY Pics of my White 35th Anniversary, Selling it !! Any owners want to give me a reasonable selling price figure. I was going with $9999. I know there were only 512 white special editions produced. Is that enough? Thought all of you would be honest. 68900 miles, excellent condition. Here are my pics. I am in Mentor, OH and the original owner. thanks, debi
    Pictures by DebiBoehlefeld - Photobucket
  12. See my response in your other thread.

    Btw, out of curiosity. Why are you selling? The car is hardly broken in.

    Just curious.

  13. got some new pics of my 35th yesterday.



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  14. I still have #1979

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  15. and another

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  16. so....evryone that swapped wheels, what did you do with them??
  17. Keep 'em!

    “Nice car, what is it?”
    “It’s a 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Mustang.”
    “Nice! What makes it a ‘Limited Edition’?”
    “Oh, a bunch of things that were different from the regular 1999 35th Anniversary Mustang . . . a special interior, unique wheels, unique hood, different moldings, stuff like that.”
    “Cool . . . I really like those wheels!”
    “Ummm, those aren’t the LE wheels, I took them off.”
    “Oh . . . . well, the hood is pretty neat!”
    "Ummm, that’s not the LE hood, I took it off too.”


    Mustang35th : Facts and Figures Page
  18. sold my wheels. had curb rash anyways. :(
  19. my LE

    here are a couple of before and after pics of mine I rescued it from a junk yard for 1600 bucks. I know it has the wrong rockers but they were on it when I got it. I have the right ones just have to paint and install.

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