35th Anniv post your pics 99 GT " LIMITED EDITION"

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by jcint, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Awesome new shots, guys! :nice:
  2. Other than Flowmaster exhaust, she's 100% stock. 41,500 miles

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  3. 35th LE at Mustang Week '09

    My daughter's '99 LE in Myrtle Beach...she had a blast...I had to work and could not join her...

    Her's is pretty much stock...except a Steeda CAI, Flowmaster exhaust, and a few trim pieces...

    Dad has spoiled her!!!

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  4. I have been "in between" mustangs for a few years now, and found this car on craigslist and bought it on the spot. I had not looked over a 35th car since they were on the sales floor in '99. The guy also had a set of 35th rims but the bullet rims have better tires.

    it was a few days until I discovered it did not actually have the 35th package on it

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  5. My 35th LE

    Here is mine. stock when I got it other than sequentials and cobra headlights. So far I have added 3:73's, and tint. The list of parts waiting to go on... JLT cai, steeda springs, new shocks and struts, mac camber plates, drilled rotors, and then a tune with my new xcal tuner.

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  6. Just to keep this thread up. Two pretty bad iPhone pictures. Car's going to be in storage for another 9 months, then FR500s and maybe a KB.

    Slow 35th, are those 18s or 17s (have I asked you that before?)? Looks great.

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  7. Gtmick00

    I bought this Mustang this summer with 6,700 mile, and only had time to put 300 miles on it. I too will be storing it soon. Ony changes I made were K&N cold air, chin spoiler, and I had to have these wheels. My boys (Mustang Owners) wanted me to put chrome cobras on, but I wanted these. Just to annoy them, I put 315 in back and 275's in front.

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  8. After new shoes, and Steeda drop springs

    Just added some parts, and got the dent behind the fuel door fixed.

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  9. thanks, they are 17x9/10.5
  10. whats up guys im a new member and thats my ride! proud owner of the 99 limited edition !

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  11. I changed a few things since I first posted. Went from the direct port kit to a twin 60mm setup and full suspension. I also installed a PA 4r70w with a manual valve body, transbrake, and 3500 stall. I hope to have it back together before xmas and get some dyno numbers.




    Also, does anyone know where I can get some new front seats?

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  12. Hey Everyone,
    Been about 6 years since I've been to the forums after having to part ways with my 03 GT prior to a deployment. After a long wait though, I'm back! Just luckily happened by this little gem at our local Toyota dealership and I just had to have her. 99 GT 35th Anniversary Limited Edition black coupe with 50k on the odo. Traded in my Moto-Guzzi for her but just after 5 days I know it was so worth it. It's had three previous owners, the original owner having put the bulk of the mileage on at around 40k. The fellow who gave it up had a 16 year old daughter, traded this GT and his Dakota in for a Chevy Cobalt. I can't begin to comprehend how he managed to let her go.

    Anyway, here are some starter pics as an introduction. Just had the window's tinted yesterday. Hoping to take the gloves off and do some serious customizing over the coming winter.










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  13. Nice.....but i gotta ask. What happend to the original rims? Do the previous owners have them?
  14. I requested that the salesmen who handled the transaction inquire with the previous owner about the rims. Haven't heard anything back yet, but if I had to guess, the second owner who only had the car for abour 3500 miles or so probably was the one who swapped them out without truly caring about it.
  15. Not good...but it happens.
  16. Here's mine, I recently just started posting here. :)

    Looks a little redundant with the stock CD player still there :p Thankfully I found a place that has a plate for it, they even sell ones with cutouts for gauges.

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  18. p1030345o.jpg









    Took the ole girl out for a brief photo shoot this weekend.
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  19. Looks great man! Any tips for keeping the black so clean?
  20. http://www.stangnet.com/mustang-for...interior-upkeep-ask-away.852471/#post-8574313

    slayerripkdc gives a pretty good run down of how to keep it professionally clean, if you have the time and resources to follow all those instructions I imagine you will be staggeringly pleased.

    Personally, believe it or not these shots were taken 4 days after washing her at a manual car wash place on the side of the street. Nothing fancy, just pre-soak, soap, rinse, air dry. When I do take my time to dress her up, I always, ALWAYS avoid making any sort of circular motions, because what Slayer says about the swirls is so very true.

    Thanks for the compliments, was a great day so I decided to take a drive home to my old stomping grounds where my love for Stangs began and do some pictures of the newest pony in my stable.
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