Post your single most favorite pic of your stang!

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  1. Well I started this on another board and thought id do it here.

    Post ONE pic of your ride, your favorite picture.

    Here is mine...its a tough choice since I have soo many wicked pics but the paint just looks insanely nice in this pic...gotta love laser red and ClearKote!


    The pic doenst show much of my car but I happened to snap it at the airport just before the sun went down over the horizion.
  2. haha, i remember the airport, i was there once waiting for some

    here's my fav pic, taken a month ago and i'm sure i'll be using this pic for years


    I'm sending you a PM Matt so as not to jack this thread

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  3. newwheelchop2.jpg

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  4. Lazer Red Mustang Thread v2.0
  5. sweet shots, guys. mine isn't nearly that good, but it's the best i have so far :( . once i finish on the outside in a few weeks, i'll get my photographer buddy to take some nice ones.


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  6. I have a bunch that I really like, but I'd have to say this one is my favorite


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  7. i will have to take some i seem to have deleted all of my car pictures, which sucks since i had lots of good ones.:notnice:
  8. I dont have many, but this one is my best
  9. **** so hard to choose.....

    i gotta choose this one though, it just makes my wheels and paint look unbelievable

    see post #37
  10. Picture deleted. Sorry, I'm accustomed to just looking at 'new posts' and participating, rather than these restricted categories by year/etc. Mine is not 94-95.
  11. I don't have alot .... and my camera really sucks .... but I'll throw one in.


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  12. Showing off white thats wet ;)

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  13. Hard to choose one of my fav's but this is deff one of them...
  14. sweet pics, some of them are pretty damn wicked, I love that shot of your car rollin Mike and deadlast yours looks damn wicked in that got that in a larger size?
  15. I have 2 that I really like. This is the one I use for everything so I'll post it. i have it as my sig pic, wallpaper, and buddy icons. The other one is a afternoon shot with the sun going down but still pretty bright out with my headlights and fogs on.

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    Ya'll pics def look great except Danny's it don't seem to load for me :shrug:
    EDIT I see it now that I posted stupid computer
  16. 000_0549.jpg

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  17. Here is a pic of my 05 at the EAA airport in Oshkosh WI. We have a show there every year and take pics with the P-51 Mustang plane.


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  18. Just after the paint job. You can actually see the 57 better than my car in this picture, but regardless how cool is that?!?
  19. aaron that is an awesome pic. Lot of good ones on here but yours is bad a$$.