Post your single most favorite pic of your stang!

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  1. w0w thanks man i LOVE that pic, it should be in a Calender.

    BTW...did you edit it with photoshop to bring out the color in the sky etc?

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  2. That was me, and I do have a twin...sister. It was nice meeting you there. I thought it was a great show and race. The weather didnt kill it, and there was lots to do. I walked around all day just looking at everything. Looking forward to seeing you and your dads cars, but I must admit I am partial to your moms. See ya soon.
  3. not the car i wanted to post but it wont be ready for pics for about 3 weeks so i washed the stang and took some pics tonight.
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  4. Action shot


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  5. Gotta love stock Mustangs.


  6. actually i photoshopped an entire different sky into it lol.

  7. Ha actually I had just been at the track, you can see the #s on the windshield and I hadnt filled up since then.
  8. how the hell do you do that, what about the background is that real? looks ****in amazin man, :nice:

  9. yea the background is real, the sky is the only thing i have changed. this is where i learn alot of my stuff.

    heres the same pic, entire background removed and replaced.

  10. if I give you a pic could you hook it up with a nice backround? you do awsome work.
  11. Wow that looks awesome

  12. ill see what i can do, its hard to match the lighting, contrast, brightness of 2 different pics but i can see what i can do
  13. don't have any real good ones but heres one....

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  14. ""For the teacher that totalled my 91 GT...3 WEEKS DETENTION BIOTCH!""

    Was she hot?
  15. no she was 58 years old and had casts on her f****in wrists.:uzi: :uzi:
  16. Incredible pictures. All the pictures are really good, but some of them are near pro quality.

    Keep them comin'.