Post your single most favorite pic of your stang!

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  1. i guess ill show the SN95 since im gonna get crap for the other picture

  2. DSC00040.jpg

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  3. Very nice car Paul! :nice: :nice:
    I love those bullitt wheels...

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  4. thanks, man!
  5. Great idea dude, i love this thread.
    so many wicked pics...

    here's my absolute favourite pic of my car:
    (it's almost like a 'where's waldo' special)


    I said to myself, I doubt i'll ever get a nicer pic of my car again.
  6. :rlaugh: thats funny
  7. here is my favorite picture so far.
  8. Must have been tough to park there Doug, lol.
  9. LOL
    oh man, I was surprised I was even able to get my car in the pic ;)

    In all honesty, I had a very hard time to pick which bum to photochop...
    there are so many nice ones! :D
  10. I dont come on here anymore since I sold the stang, but I guess I did miss that thread a while back. Here's mine. It's also on my living room wall in bigger size. :D


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  11. *ahem*


    you poor bastard, i still have this chop :D
  12. holycrap caldwell thanks for the good laughs
  13. i got a new favorite pic

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  14. wow that is freakin nice :nice:
  15. Where's the car.:D LOL