Post your single most favorite pic of your stang!

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  1. well this is the only pic i have of my car....i'll be having more pics later....
  2. My current fav


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  3. Lookin GOOD man, love that pic

    I ****ed around a bit with it...
    slammed that pig and tinted her up

    but the car's comin along nicely man, keep it up :nice:

  4. got a new favorite

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  5. **** yea caldwell, thanks, im a huuuge fan of the drop on your car, when i get the balls thats what im gonna go with, im just afraid of scraping EVERYTHING here in the city, i just scrapped my chin spoiler again today on one of those parking blocks and i got 4x4 springs on :nonono: And the tint is my next mod thanx for reinforcing my ideas.
  6. My shameless Photochop attemp: