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    Post as you did, click on your thumbnail, copy larger image URL, edit post with larger image URL. Or host it somewhere other than Stangnet.
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    I just got this baby yesterday!
  3. Cobra5.0Jeep, stop making me jealous
  4. DSCF2381.jpg

    since then, license plate has changed form your boss to SIXT5

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  5. My work in progress
  6. IMG_1313.jpg Oops! I guess I need to work on picture LOL

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  7. 67dude, looks great, what are your plans for it?
  8. See the sig. :nice:
  9. That is going to be a mean car, How much N2O are you going to run in that sucker.
  10. 5.0,
    Well right now it is set up for the strip so I'll probably run it this season then start converting it back to the street next winter. I am also in mid restomod. of my coupe, so that is taking all of my time and $$$. I'm working on a efi/aod conversion on it for a daily driver. I'd like to fix the fastback for cruise weekends eventually, but for now it cures my need for speed LOL.
    Thanks for asking
  11. Going away pictures 00043 (Small).JPG
    Going away pictures 00045 (Small).JPG
    1967 GT FB, hoping to redo it next year.
  12. i want a 67/68 FB so bad, anyone want to give me one haha
  13. here's my 66 thats my DD right now
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    and here is my baby rust free 100% origional J code 68 getting a "few" upgrades :D and another 67 in the back I recently can also catch my Rockcrawler in the corner too
  14. Here she is. 69 Coupe, 302 with Edelbrock Performer RPM Heads and Intake and a mild crane cam and I just got it painted. This is my first and only car and is my daily driver.

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  15. crappy scan of my senior pic(not exactly legal:rolleyes: )


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  17. Common 70 coupe.. You can give us more pictures than that !!Thats just a tease ...LOL:SNSign:
  18. The pic posting from imageshack isn't hard, you're just using the wrong URL. See?


    Here's an old photo of my project, cosmetically not much has changed, but the wiring is no longer hanging out of the grill.


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