Post Your Stang!

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  1. The 73:


    Because I have to....the 00:


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  2. Mine......



  3. IMG_0094.jpg


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  4. 200-250... hoping to top the 1000HP mark on the bottle.. :nice:
  5. Man there are some fking nice cars on this thread!!! I need to get some more pics of my car, what url did u use to get my pic big like that, all I can figure out is the smaller ones, You know what is sad I am a computer science major.
  6. Finally pulled the engine out of the Mach today, so I snapped a pic of both the ladies, hope you guys likey.


    I just put some water over the cars to get the winter scum off. That is why the colors look like they are changing.

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  7. im in love with your mach
  8. Thanks. Me too. :D

    Might I add you guys all have some sweet cars. I am dying to get mine on the road for the first time. Oh well the 5.0 is fun for now.
  9. Looks like it is riding a little high in the front, might want to look into lowering springs there :D

    Just kidding...duh!

    BDT, right click on the full size pic, check the properties and use that link in between the BBS code. Not all remote hosts support hot-linking like that but imageshack does.

    EDIT: Also, a computer science major should use the term fscking right?
  10. 69Rcode_Mach1, you've got some beautiful scenery to go along with some beautiful cars...makes me miss my 5.0 GT a little though
  11. I know, I know, I was waiting for someone to poke fun about that, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! It's amazing what the weight of the tranny and engine do to the stance of the car. You know the car has always kind of sat sort of low I love have always loved the stance it has, and yesterday we noticed that a couple of the coils on the springs are touching eachother so now I know why. On top of that the thing has airshocks in the back, which I hate those will have to go. Don't know what is up, but I will have to replace them. Probably going to be another year or so till I fix all the suspension components to the point where I am satisfied, then if I feel like grenading the tranny, I will get some slicks and hit up the track. :D

    5.0stangracer thanks for the compliments, I should have the car done within the next little bit so I am hoping this fall I will take it up American Fork canyon in the fall and take some pictures. It looks absolutely amazing when it starts to change colors here. I am a mountain guy, I have to have them, I also have to have an ocean, unfortunately Utah doesn't have it. :(
  12. Thanks :nice: and as far as the term "fscking" :bang:
  13. Got the girl out this weekend, and figured that i would take a few pictures of her. Take note of the wonderfull park at Ulysses Kansas.




    So what if i like fuzzy dice. :nonono:


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  14. Damn, gotta love a red 67 drop-top...SCHWEEET!
  15. backsidestrip4gj.jpg

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  16. I am looking forward to seeing yours finished. It will put mine to shame.
  17. Seems to be something missing here?? hehe...
    Grr.. 12sec.. that is one mean looking Stang.

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  18. dicks2.jpg

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